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'You see a face and you see a canvas. With a touch of powder, paint and gloss you can turn anyone into anything: beautiful, bold or both. If that’s you, you’re the MAKE-UP ARTIST' :)

I'm Anita...

I'm a real beauty lover:) I have been in the world of make up for quite some time and in a short space of time I learnt so much and gained lots of experience after being trained professionally at the London Academy of Media Film and TV.

Make-up artistry is my passion, full-time job and my main source of income so unfortunately I'm not interested in working on TFP basis, unless you are celebrity then don't hesitate to contact me ;)

I'm very reasonable and flexible with my rates though so please drop me a line if you are interested in working with me.

I have lots of creative ideas and it is very pleasant for me when I can get to know and work with interesting and talented people and see my impact on what comes out.

So if you have any unusual projects and you consider me as a person who would be fit for the job let me know.

Thank you :)


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