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RiverSideStudio had the of Ethan a couple of weeks back and have to say what a greatly he is and his friend Mike.

Both were great guys with a bagful of of ideas .

Highly recommend to all and hope to see him again soon.


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Had a lovely shoot with Ethan Evan, organised and well thought out. Pre shoot communications were thorough and Ethan is friendly, professional and a good laugh.

Would definitely recommend him, we have some great images.

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Had a group shoot with Ethan, another photographer and few other models in a studio. All well managed with make up artist on board. Ethan was professional and dealt with all the people. We managed to have some good shots. Photos was sent not too long afterward. We had a lift from studio to the nearest station... We've been fed and taken care of. All in a good and friendly atmosphere. I really liked working with Ethan and hope there will be more shoots soon. I recommend working with Ethan.

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