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I worked with Andy for the first time today! Prior arrangements to the shoot were very organised and clear. Andy had the patience to help me create some shots I'd seen online for inspiration, he carefully and patiently cut out a template to use with the lighting. Would highly recommend his work and already seeing some of the edits I can't wait for the chance to work with him again 👍

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This girl

AndyL is a pleasure to work with, we made a plan, and we enacted it was a fabulous shoot start to finish.

Andy is easy to communicate with, always replies so felt comfortable before I arrived, Andy encouraged me to contact any of the models he has worked with, ask them questions, safety and well-being is a priority.

The time flew by, and we had some lovely images on the back of the camera. Reference done and some edits back already, would love to work with Andy again I’m the future

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Paula W

I’ve been working with Andy on a short 1 to 1 shoot following a group shoot after. He’s amazing photographer with great a personality. It honestly was a pleasure to work with him. Already received non edited images to choose from, and they are really amazing as they are. Can’t wait to see the edits once I choose through them. It’s going to be hard to choose though as there’s a lot amazing ones. Andy is working towards perfection and you can really see it by his work. He’s easy to communicate with, always replies and has absolute respect to the models. Andy advised me to contact the models he was working with before for my safety. As safety is priority for Andy. Time literally flew by, had amazing time and definitely will be working with Andy again with pleasure.

I highly recommend! :)

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CeeCee Dawson

Lost count of what number shoot this was with Andy, but that's probably because each time has been a genuine pleasure.

We decided on coffee shop windows as a theme exploring and shooting as we went and found the perfect settings.

As usual pre communications where fantastic, and what I really love about working with Andy is his openness to idea bouncing, and never being put off or dismissing ideas (and props!) brought to a shoot. Giving my ideas a go.

The day went well and I met Andy near his and we travelled together. Shooting with Andy does feel more like meeting up with a friend and having a catch up (more so this time as we spent the day drinking coffee). His approach is relaxed but is good at feed back in the moment, making shooting a smoother process.

I've recived images, and am beyond happy with them. Another thing I love about working with Andy is how he manages to help me get the vision that's in my head out there into a picture. Really is no better feeling, so thanks Andy!

I highly recommend anyone thinking of working with Andy to do so. You won't be disappointed, and I look forward to doing so myself again in the near future 😊

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Mina Petals

Well I’ve known Andy for a long time and he’s just the most amazing photographer very friendly and fun to work with. I would recommend him every time as he can create the most perfect images and he always delivers the best images to you. So impressed with all the pictures Thankyou so much Andy. Can’t wait to work with you again x

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CeeCee Dawson

Shot with Andy 4 times now, this one being a group shoot that Andy had orginised for his photography group; To teach lighting. Which was great and I got to pick up a thing or two whilst there, always a bonus!

Pre communication was fab as always, so I knew what to bring and how to do my make up best for the shoot.

Andy is always professional and this shoot was no diffrent, the group he had with him was lovely and I'd happily model for them again.

Deffinete reccomendation for anyone wanting to work with Andy ☺

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Second shoot with andy and another great one

Andy is a perfect gentleman polite considerate and down to earth

I would highly recommend him to any model looking to shoot x

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Felt very comfortable with andy brilliant guy was a pleasure working with him would work with him again and defo recommend any model to go with Andy :)

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Victoria Bayliss

I was booked by Andy to model for one of his group shoots / workshops in Chester! I found Andy a funny, relaxed photographer to work with and really enjoyed the shoot he arranged. When I arrived at the studio I was out at ease offered drinks and a chair whilst I waited for the group to arrive. We chatted for a short while to begin about our ideas for the shoot like the different changes I’d be doing which we’d already discussed briefly in our chats prior to the shoot. We focused mainly on portraiture and lingerie producing some fabulous images! Would appreciate the chance to shoot with Andy again. If any models get the opportunity I’d highly reccomend!

Katie x

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CeeCee Dawson

I have had the pleasure of working with Andy twice now, both times being made to feel at ease. Andy is a easy going person and happy to talk things through.

Our first shoot was in a city and relaxed and informal, Andy used his knowledge of the area to get photos in diffrent settings. Even when we started loosing light Andy moved us on to places with good street lighting in quirky outdoor/undercover areas, and we ended up with some cute images.

Our second shoot was up a local mountain in the evening sun, Andy and I comumunicated back and forth prior to the shoot so we knew what style of images we where both wanting to create. And I've gained some really beautiful images

Andy is very knowledgeable and happy to explain when asked how and why things work if you're interested. Feed back whilst shooting is also really good and respectfully given when advising on body position and angles ect, and creative ideas bounce back and forth nicely

All in all I've very much enjoyed shooting with Andy and equally as much look forward to the next time we shoot

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After a long break I worked with Andy again on a summers evening shoot. A couple of hours flew by, Andy is easy to get on with and a pleasure to work with. I am sure I will be shooting again very soon with my favourite photographer.

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Andy was a pleasure to work with ,polite friendly and met me from the station too.

Andy made me feel very at ease and not at all awkward , messages were kept up as to what i wanted from the shoot and i was very relaxed.

Would love to shoot with Andy again soon 😁

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Had fantastic shoot with andy hes very calm and really made me at ease loved working with him he is highly recommended would love to work again x

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Everly Rose

I had a amazing shoot yesterday with Andy after he responded to my recent casting.

I have met Andy many times in the past and he is a great guy to get along with, very knowledgeable and makes you feel completely at ease pre shoot.

We didn't have a concept just that we wanted to make some awesome images, Andy is amazing at lighting and together we managed to pull out 4 separate sets in just over a hour, a record for me :)

We were never short of banter and laughs and the back of the camera images look amazing, highly recommended and would definitely work with him again.

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Liza Jones

I had my second shoot with Andy and I enjoyed every minute. We met in a seaside resort and the weather wasn't the greatest however we still managed to get some great images and come up with some new ideas. Andy always makes me feel at ease and we have a laugh during the shoot and I am always happy with the results of the images .

I would definitely work with Andy again and in fact we are already working towards our next shoot.

Thanks Andy

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Great guy easy to talk 2 . Looking forward to working with him again . 10/10

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Liza Jones

I had a great time yesterday with Andy on our shoot, Communication before hand was excellent and the shoot was arranged within 24 hrs. My sister was also a model for him on the night and we had great fun and have managed to come up with some great images.

I found Andy very easy to get on with he knows his stuff and gave me some really good advice which I will be using in future shoots.

I would definitely work with Andy again and he is highly recommended.

Thanks again Andy

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Hannah Hex

Andy was on time with smile on face. The weather wasn't too great, but that didn't stop Andy getting the best shots.

I will absolutely be working with Andy again.

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Dahlia Rose

Had a great time working with Andy at a recent club night, would definitely work with him again if I get alsked back! I recommend Andy 100% and I'm very much looking forward to working with Andy again in the future! :)

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Met & worked with Andy last night for my second shoot, had an amazing time! Andy is so easy going and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot whilst also maintaining a professional mannerism. Andy provides great feed back in between shoots helps you create some amazing images. Look forward to working with Andy again soon.

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