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Rose Magdalene Child

I contacted Andy pretty last minute about myself and Leon being in the area and he said 'Leave it with me, I'll see what I can do'. Next news he's gathered a small group of photographers to shoot us. :D

Andy is a top class guy, he's one of the most genuine people you could meet, he's down to earth, he says it as it is and he is always super respectful and looks after you.

Both times now I have shot with him it has been impeccably organised, pre-shoot comms are excellent with everything planned out and outfits listed/styles etc.

There's always a natter over a brew or two and breaks in between shooting to rest.

I absolutely love working with Andy and can highly recommend him to other models.

Look forward to seeing some of the images :) See you soon hopefully

Tillie x

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Leon Lift

Aahhhh what an absolute pleasure it was to return to this mans studio but this time to be modelling there. When i realised who it was that we was shooting with i was super excited as i thurroughly enjoyed the company of Andy the time before when i met him and once again his presence did not dissapoint.

Andy has a lovely way with people, he's a very warming guy that will be sure to make you smile. He really does care about the model and goes the extra mile to make sure the model is happy and comfortable for their duration with him.

The shoot we had with Andy was a small group shoot where him and 2 other Togs took turns to shoot us all brining their own ideas and they done great. We created some epic images, i know we got to wait a while but I'm really excited to see the outcome (Especially of that final set!).

Thank you for having us in the relaxing but professional environment you create, me and Tillie thurroughly enjoyed our time shooting and would love to come again in future

Totally reccommend this guy, his experience with people and photography is amazing!

Thank you mate

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Rebekah Rose Ward

Worked with Andy on Tuesday in his Studio in Peterborough for a local swimwear brand.

Defiantly up there with one of my best shoots I have done!

He was so so lovely and made me feel at ease as soon as we met.

He gave great guidance and together we created some amazing images!

Super excited to see the final photos!

Would defiantly recommend Andy and hope to work with you again some time :)

Rebekah x

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Amber Chelsea

I had such a wonderful shoot for the second time with Andy at his studio but this time we were joined by his lovely daughter Jakki! They are both an absolute pleasure to work with and are so welcoming and friendly!

This time we shot I was 34.5 weeks pregnant and they both allowed me to take my time and made sure I was comfortable at all times offering me drinks and time to rest after certain positions.

We had so much fun shooting lovely long dresses and tutus and we managed to capture some beautiful images which I cannot wait to see!

I would 100% recommend Andy and his studio to anyone and everyone and I look forward to working with them both again!

Thank you again!!!

Amber C x

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Rose Magdalene Child

Andy organised a group event at his studio recently where he had pre-planned the day with a group of 4 photographers who each got 2 hours split up over the course of the 8 hours, so nobody shot over each others shoulders and what not.

In the pre-shoot comms, myself and Andy spoke over the phone about the organisation of the day and the plans he had made plus any requests from the others about what they'd like to shoot.

I could tell from the offset that Andy was a really down to earth lovely guy and he was very reassuring about how the day would be and that the others were very respectful and good guys.

He certainly didn't disappoint. Upon arriving, myself and my other half Leon (whom Andy very kindly let join us for the day) were welcomed in with a brew and a chat about the day. It was so relaxed and fun it really didn't feel like too much work. Everyone had their own individual ideas so I never got bored and they each got beautiful images too which always makes the day feel even more enjoyable.

I don't usually do group shoots/events but based on this one and with this group of guys I wouldn't hesitate in the future if they were all like this.

Thanks so much Andy, I hope to see some of the images in the future :)

Tillie x

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Natasha UK

I had photographer Andy shoot me the other day at his amazing studio in Peterborough. Full of props, backdrops, and it’s a huge studio! He’s 100% professional, easy going, laid back and fun to work with. He’s a very professional photographer and you can tell it within his work. We have captured some great images, amazing ideas and I look forward to working with you again. One of the best shoots I’ve had this week! Thank you for having me. Recommended!

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I worked with Andy recently for half a day at Thurston Lodge where Andy was tutoring a photographer who was still in his early stages of photographing models. Andys pre comms were excellent and I knew exactly the expect on the day.

Andy and Bernie were fantastic to work with, Andy has a lovely calm demeanour and was a pleasure to be around. Andy and and Bernie worked so well together and there was a great vibe in the room plus lots of laughter! They both took some stunning shots and Andy was a patient and kind teacher. There were alot of breaks plus time to chat which meant we could all build a report together.

Overall a great shoot that I thoroughly enjoyed it, thankyou Andy :)

Highly reccomended

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Such a lovely day at Thurston Lodge with Andy & co the other day, all the team were really understanding when my train got cancelled and didn't get there till an hour later - really grateful for everyone staying so relaxed, thank you!

After a nightmare journey, I was very quickly made to feel at ease with everyone and we chatted for a bit about ideas and the plan for the shoot, which helped relax me and get into a good mindset!

I was super impressed with just how well Andy & Nigell worked together, allowing each other to shoot one at a time, they really got into a good routine and everyone got brilliant shots as a result!

Throughout the shoot we also had the images tethering on a laptop, as a model this is super helpful as we can all look to see what needs to be improved!

Overall it was a super productive afternoon, working with a lovely team who I simply cannot fault for all their efforts and fun company!

Thank you for an enjoyable afternoon!


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Amber Chelsea

I was fortunate enough to have worked with the lovely Andy on a studio day a little while back and what a lovely man!

Andy is 100% professional and made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout! I was supplied with coffee and biscuits! And cigarette breaks! He new exactly what he wanted to achieve which meant we could create the images that we needed in a much more efficient manner!

If you haven’t worked with Andy yet then please do because he is lovely, funny and so welcoming!

Look forward in working with you again Andy!

Thanks again!

Amber C x

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Andy hosted a group shoot at his lovely studio, i was greeted with a smile and looked after well all evening, Andy makes a fab cuppa and is a fabulous host. We got to shoot for a short time, but in that time we certainly got some fantastic shots. Andy knows his stuff and is super easy to work with. Very happy to recommend, totally not an axe-murderer, would love to go back for more tea and great shooting.

Many Thanks Andy

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Keira Lavelle

I Worked with Andy towards the end of last month and have been kicking myself to get into gear and write him a review; but on the same note refused to do so without the relevant time to talk about just how much of a wonderfully valued photographer he was to work with.

We first talked about arranging a creative day at his studio in Peterborough last year, before I knew it the date we had picked came around so quickly and I was having an absolute whale of a time working with Andy and a number of other delightful people during a shared studio day covering more fantastic and exciting ideas than an addict of creativity could wish for! In the run up to the day I felt like I knew Andy before even meeting him: his communications were pristine and not a stone unturned in terms of preparation/organisation and pre-shoot ice breaking. This was before we had even worked together! At the studio I was so very well looked after by Andy who had a spacious room for me to unload my mass of luggage... the studio was spacious with great facilities, not to mention tremendous sets for every occasion.

There is never the chance of a model being short of inspiration when working with Andy - by the end of the day, we had worked through a truly amazing array of styles. From soft and dreamy lighting to the more sculpted and shadowy effects on figure work; Andy does not settle for "it's not bad" because his ultra sharp eyes and technical patience always strives for the best. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve with his images but gets such a flawless rapport going with his models so you feel the ultimate benefit of a strong team union.

Entirely professional, courteous and respectful. Andy is also a great multi-tasker as we had a mass abundance of laughs from start to finish :) models - rest assured you are in for a stupendous shoot. I simply cannot wait to visit again very soon.

Recommended in every way imaginable! Thank you so much Andy.


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