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My background: - Hi, My main interest has always been wildlife photography including underwater photography (scuba diving) but I've covered several events in recent years (bicycle events, open days and weddings, etc) all stuff that I had no interest in beforehand and having got good results, I really wanted to get some experience in other areas that were new to me including maybe using models.... I have a basic studio kit; backgrounds, lighting and reflector. I use a variety of cameras but most often a Nikon D7200.

I have qualifications, lots in fact:  Digital Photography, Wedding Photography, Lightroom, Photoshop standard and advanced, underwater photography and more plus hopefully more to come next year...

My initial images are really limited because this style of photography is totally new to me. 

I have an idea below just to get me off the ground and I hope to finally have some initial photos by October 2019... one other thing; I would really love to shoot cosplay, I know a Dutch Photographer who does and his photos are always amazing.... finally I also want to do lingerie but I see that as well down the line for me, portraits etc all being my first steps... just hope I can find someone willing to learn with me...

As for me as a person, retired police, now govt but still in policing. A family man with grown up kids and fast becoming a baby photographer cos we have one, lol.

My idea: - I live in NW Kent, Bexley.. I love to go on long country walks and i'm hoping to find someone who would join me allowing me to take lots of images with loads of different backgrounds along the way...    The perfect model for me would be fairly new so looking to learn with me, trade for pics and preferably likes walking or hiking... I would be happy to start with a short walk though :-)

Thanks for looking....



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