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Helen Diaz

Oh my gosh... What to say about shooting with Andrew... Always highly enjoyable and highly memorable!

I've had the most amazing and memorable shoots with Andrew- mostly due to shooting with Andrew for; Michael Anderle, The Kurtherian Gambit" where I was chosen to play the lead character "Bethany Anne" for the highly successful book series. So I was super excited to be chosen again for round two- and this time it was bigger and better than before!!

From the moment I arrived I was greeted by Andrew at the White Box Studio (which is such an amazing commercial studio based in Horsham, West Sussex) Andrew had also surprised me with a super fan of Bethany Anne and the books who had come along on the day, which really heightened the atmosphere of the shoot!!

We also had an amazing MUA who created such an intense smokey eyed look for Bethany Anne! I also had an amazing Wardrobe, Styling and weapons which were great fun to interact with! I absolutely LOVED the behind the scenes and the short video work we did also towards the end of the day. I would absolutely LOVE to do more!

Andrew is an absolute pleasure to work with, from start to finish- highly talented, creative and the perfect photographer to showcase Michael Anderles books. Andrew takes a design brief and really makes the character come alive.

We had a truly awesome team and I really look forward to what the future has in store. I really look forward to the future publishings and the resulting book covers, which should be magical!

Added to this Andrew is kind, professional and a truly lovely person to work with.

The absolute highest recommendation to all, Thank You so much! Helen x

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Sam Dunning

Words can't do justice to the quality of Andrew's work, so I'm just going to say look at the images and have your mind blown! If you need a talented, creative, friendly and professional 'tog/editor/writer this is your guy! Looking forward to our next shoot, cheers mate!


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So wednesday another shoot happened with this talented individual.

A continuation of a shoot of nazi zombies. But with added filming footage as well this time round.

Andrew gives great details in his communication when negotiating shoot arrangements.

His work speaks volumes about his talent. I actually cant possibly improve on what has already been said.

Super friendly man. A must work with.

Thanks again andrew :)


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M E R C E D E S • B L a N C

Today I had a really good shoot with Andrew. Pre comms were brilliant from the get go and the shoot went really well.

Andrew is a highly talented man and his skills are very impressive. I even learned a thing or two about guns!

Everything was set up on my arrival and we got straight to it.

I am excited to see the end product of our work and hope to work with him again in the future. Highly recommended. :)

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with Andrew on a book cover shoot at Square 1 Studio's in Dorking. I travelled from London to Dorking where Andrew met me at the station and drove to the studio where i was welcomed by the lovely H/MUA, Tania. Pre communication was set over a few months whilst the shoot was being planned. Andrew always kept me up to date and informed me of any details.

Andrew was polite, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. He knew exactly what he wanted and gave good directions. He came prepared with cool outfits and props that the client requested. The shoot was super relaxed and we had a good laugh along the way. Andrew knows his stuff and is a Photoshop master!!!

Most certainly recommend and especially to anyone who is looking for a fun, quirky and creative shoot.

Thank you Andrew.

Until next time!

Chloe :)

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Had yet again another amazing shoot with Andrew today at the Square 1 Studio's.

Once again the shoot was for a Book Cover (Super Excited) to do something as cool and creative like this again.

It was relaxed and easy going and he is a lovely person to work with, great with direction and made me feel super comfortable! as always. I wont even go on about how amazing his work is because the evidence is above and his name is very well known too all social media outlet's how can it not when he produce's amazing art each time.

Got some cool outfit's and prop's to pose and play with. Felt right in my comfort zone ;)

I honestly cannot recommend him high enough and could write pages of praise - thanks again for having me Buddy.

Do not miss your chance if he come's calling people :)


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Ashley Ashton

What an awesome day we had!! Yesterday I had a shoot for a book cover with Andrew at studio visions in Horley! Andrew is very down to earth, super relaxed and an all round great guy. Andrew was direct, knew what he wanted to capture but made the shoot fun and enjoyable. He had also brought along a make up artist called Tania Claire who had the exact same personality as us all, some very strange conversations had which made the day even better! Would highly recommend...p.s sorry about the dancing :p

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Natasha UK

I had photographer Andrew Dobell shoot me the other day in Studio Visions in Horley with Ashley Ashton as the other model and a fantastic make-up artist Tania Claire. I would like to say thank you to the MUA for being so lovely and doing a fab job on my makeup!

Andrew is very professional, easy going, laid back and fun to work with, he also put up with me which is always a very hard thing to do. 😂 Half the time I was prancing around. I can’t wait to see the book cover and hopefully work with such a talented photographer again soon. Recommended very highly!

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miss black reign

Wanted to work with Andrew for a while now, got to work on a client shoot with him yesterday. Great shoot - Andrew works super quick, know what he wants from the shoot but happy to listen to ideas too. East to get along with - and a good laugh - would not hesitate to work with him again !

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Andy Colins

I posed for Andrew today and I could not have enjoyed the experience more.

From the extensive pre-comms to his preparation and inventiveness of shots, I could not be happier.

As a model, he directed me with ease. He was not afraid to let me know when I was doing good work or give me feedback when I needed to do something different. I cannot explain just how happy this makes me because it means you are getting the input you need to inform your poses and performance.

Despite the geographic distance, if I get to work with Andrew again, and I so hope I do, it will be a truly wonderful day for me.

Thank you Andrew. If you need an amazingly accomplished photographer with stunning edditing and compositing skills, Andrew is your man!

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I had such a wonderful shoot with Andrew on Wednesday. The session was really well organised and straighforward. Everything well planned and efficient.

Andrew is so easy to get along with and the session was very enjoyable. I have no hesitation in recommending working with Andrew and I hope that I will be able to work with him again in on future projects

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Dark Horse

Andrew is an excellent professional photographer. He is perfectly prepared and very easy to get along with. I would adore to work with him again. Thoroughly recommended.

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Lydia Jane

Had the pleasure of shooting with Andrew for the 2nd time .

Andrew is professional, fun to work with and above all VERY talented.

The costume he had for me to wear was awesome as was his talented hair and makeup artist.

The images produced from the shoot are absolutely amazing, one of them has already been awarded an FPI

I would jump at the opportunity to work with Andrew again

Thanks so much


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Worked with Andrew for the time on a book cover shoot, Andrew was very welcoming, freidnly kind and very professional during the shoot, very organized and gave great direction which produced some amazing images. Hope to work with him again on a different shoot. Very talented photographer. 100% recommend.

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Sam Dunning

Second time shooting with Andrew and certainly hope it won't be the last. Communications were excellent as ever and he is always friendly, fun to work with and highly professional. Today's shoot was for the cover of Andrew's latest novel and the costumes he provided were amazing! The team he'd assembled were extremely talented and we all worked very well together. I've seen behind the scenes pics and the raw images he took which are incredible so no doubt with his magic editing skills the final shots will be even better! Very excited to see the outcome and also to hopefully work with Andrew again in the near future. Thanks for another brilliant shoot mate! S :)

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I shot with Andrew for a book cover.. at a stunning studio.. It was a brilliant day.. The outfit was pretty cool that Andrew had put together.. He had me doing all sorts of poses and had me out of my comfort zone.. Doing angry and shouting expressions.. It was fun and I would definately work with Andrew again in the future..

Andrew was very friendly chatty and professional and creative.. He is a great photographer/artist

I highly recommend to all

Looking forward to working with you again in the future Andrew

Thanks Louisa x

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Sam Dunning

I worked with Andrew today on a group shoot for book promo images and video. From the very start Andrew was welcoming and showed me around the studio. He was easy and fun to chat to and had already explained the plans for the shoot thoroughly by email but took the time to run through everything briefly with me again. He continued to update myself and the other models, MUAs and team members regularly throughout the day and was easy to work with, explaining exactly what he wanted from the shots but also allowing the freedom to create my/our own. The day went by without any issues and I am very excited to see the final results. I hope I will get to work with this very talented guy again soon - I 100% recommend you work with him too! Thanks, Sam

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So today i had the distinct Pleasure of working with Andrew again this time apart of a creative team involving mua's and models for a zombie featured Book cover.

Upon a late arrival due to my phone's sat nav being a nightmare Andrew was still happy and pleasant to see me arrive at the location safely.

He welcomed me and introduced me to everyone at the studio and our fellow team of models and mua's. He had already got my costume all set up and ready.

Upon the shoot its self Andrew gave great direction and attention to detail was superb. Also allowing me to input my own touches of creative ideas for a shot as such positioning us models into a pose that showed our true characteristics.

Andrews lighting set up was superb and just as the last time he was full of energy and positivity

I look forward to our next adventure :)

Also huge recommendations by myself to all



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I had the pleasure of working with andrew today

Whom i have followed his work for some time now given his creativeness.

I was picked out for a series of book covers from a US Author who andrew was shooting for where i will be a main character and cover model.

What a honor and pleasure.

Upon arrival andrew was warm and welcoming.

Studio already set and ready to go with lighting set up and so forth.

Key details over email and text messaging was clear and continious.

Ever the professional with a great eye for his work.

Friendly. Chatty.


Huge respect for this guy and hope to work with him again some day

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I had a shoot with Andrew. It was for a book cover. I was chosen to be one of the characters on the cover. The pre-shoot communication was great. Andrew answered all my questions and gave me clear instructions of what was expected. When I arrived, Andrew was ready to shoot straight away. The atmosphere of the shoot was very relaxed and Andrew gave me clear directions. He was very friendly and efficient, the shoot didn't take long. I can't wait to see the finished result.

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