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Ivy Vxlentine

I had the absolute honour of being Andrea's first post-lockdown shoot. And it was absolutely amazing! Pre communication was wonderful and Andrea was able to pick me up in her car and take me to Dartmoor, with us going to the university campus on our way back!

I couldn't ask for more - Andrea was early, fun to work with and also remained professional throughout the shoot! The images look great and I can't wait for everyone to be able to see them!

I 100% recommend Andrea!


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Tia's sets

Another fantastic shoot with Andrea, this time at Mr Dave's studio.

Andrea is punctual and always come prepared with her own lights.

She's easy to get along and remains professional throughout, the shoot flew by once again.

Highly recommend to any model

Thanks agin Andrea

P.s Hope your special day goes to plan later this year

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Ivy Vxlentine

Had a lovely shoot with Andrea today. We covered two hours of boudoir and it was amazing!

She arrived on time to pick me up and was prepared before we were due to start our shoot and I was absolutely amazed by her equipment, skills, her patience and our mutual love of Jaffa cakes.

The time flew by immensely and it was an absolutely delightful shoot. I couldn't ask for more!

Thanks again!


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I had a lovely shoot with Andrea today.. At my home.. she is such a great photographer her pics looked beautiful from what I saw on the camera..

Such a lovely friendly photographer.. the 3 hours we shot flew by and I highly recommend to all

Thanks for a great shoot today Andrea

Louisa :) :) :)

Oh and I love the pics you have already uploaded.. that was some quick editing:) :)

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Tia's sets

I had a great shoot at my house with Andrea yesterday, pre communication was great making arranging the shoot easy.

Andrea arrived on time and prepared with all necessary equipment.

I couldn't believe how quickly 3 hours went, she's so easy to work with.

I'm delighted to see that's she's already uploaded some pictures :)

I hope I get the opportunity to work with Andrea again in the future, she comes highly recommended by me.

Thanks again for a great shoot

T x

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Elizebeth Harriet

Andrea was lovely and the photography group were very welcoming. I had trouble finding the location but Andrea was on hand to help me out. I felt very comfortable for the whole time I was there. Andrea was very friendly, proffessional and easy to work with. She clearly has a lot of experience and talent and is passionate about photography. I would definitely recommend working with her and her photography group were lovely.

Thanks Andrea

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Angel Black UK

Andrea and I arranged a shoot in my home studio and she arrived on time and well prepared. All pre shoot communications were excellent and she remained professional throughout our shoot. Andrea and I held good conversation throughout and she has a very chatty and bubbly aura about her.

Thankyou for a brilliant shoot, I look forward to our next!

Angel x

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Andrea put out a casting call for a model needed for a photography club, pre comms were great, Andrea was lovely throughout and directed me with the club so they could learn there way round there cameras.

Was great fun and would happily shoot again :)

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I had a big pleasure to work with Andrea today. She organised a shoot with me and another 2 photographers. We spent few hours at creating really good pictures! Andrea is very professional at giving directions and she cares about every little detail. I enjoyed our shoot and I'm happy with photos. I hope it wasn't my last shoot with her.! Highly recommended.

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Oxford Road Studio

Andrea attended a recent Christmas social shoot at the studio with models Camy and Samara. Andrea was a complete professional, worked well with everyone and was a pleasure to have at the studio. Highly recommended.

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Samara Evans

Lovely photographer, great to work with! I would highly recommend

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Had a great first shoot with Andrea. All pre shoot communications were clear and on the day I was made to feel relaxed right from the start with conversation flowing easily.

Andrea is clearly a skilled photographer and that really showed in her work, even in the raw unedited images.

She was quick to get some edits straight back to me the same day which was really welcomed.

I would definitely recommend to any model to work with Andie and not hesitate to work with her again myself.

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I had the pleasure to shoot again with Andy. We took some great shoots on the beach even though it was very windy...and than we continued at my place. It is always a lot of fun to shoot with Andy,he is a very good photographer and always well prepared.

I will always recommend Andy to any model.

Thank you and take care! Xx

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I had another great shoot with Andy at the beginning of the week, this time we shot at my home location. Lovely to work with and as always we got some great results

Highly recommended!

Camy xx

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First time today that i had a shoot with Andy and he came well prepared and very professional.He is a lovely person to work with,has a lot of diffrent ideas,we definitely took a lot of great pictures.Can t wait to work with him again!

Highly recommended!

Georgiana xx

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Another fabulous shoot with Andy 😊

He is such a pleasure to work with, already excited for a Christmas shoot with the smoke machine 😉

Thank you again Andy

Best wishes

Vicky x

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Working with Andy is always a pleasure, such a friendly person and he delivers great photos every time.

It was a camera group shoot and he had the patience to show and explain to everyone the lighting etc.

Very highly recommended as usual!

Camy xx

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Tatiana (T.) x

Second shoot with Andy and Ian! Such lovely people to work with.

Kettle was ready and the supplies of Jaffa cakes were flowing. Our time together always flies by and I love how close to detail Andy is to get the perfect shot!

Always very considerate and it is extremely relaxed. Lovely space for a studio set up!

Extremely polite and very professional....also cracks a few jokes ;)

Can't recommend enough :)


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I had another great shoot with Andy,always a pleasure working with him.He came like usual very good prepared, with lots of ideas . We took some really great shoots and had a lot of fun. Can't wait for the next shoot!

I will definitely recommend him!

Kind regards Larisa!!xx

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I had another lovely shoot with Andy and Ian in my studio.

Andy always brings outfits for the shoot and yey I got to keep them!Thank you very much!

Very good photographer , one of my favorite ones to work with!!

Highly recommended!

Camy xx

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