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M I S S A - R A E - B E R R Y

Was a awesome morning shoot ! Got me in a good mood for rest of day... the conversation flew brilliantly 👏 so easy to get on with and we even managed to fit another set in so 4 in total. Each set we did was different and each in different rooms at My home. We worked so well together the images behind the camera wer stunning and I can only imagine you will enjoy viewing them too ;)

Thank you for an awesome shoot..

Til next time ... sending hugs

Missa R n B x

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Aurora x

Had a fantastic first shoot with Andiamo at his studio, he made me feel very relaxed, which made the images amazing. Fun to shoot with, think I was laughing for most of the shoot! We got on very well straight away.

Pre shoot Comms were really good, I took a selection of outfits and he had a nice selection too for me to pick items from.

I look forward to working with him again, would definitely recommend.

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I've worked with andiamo once before and thoroughly enjoyed both shoots.

Always a relaxed atmosphere and the shoot flowed really well.

Andiamo had me laughing throughout the shoot which was great!

Boundaries are always respected and I can't wait for future shoots together.

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Great photographer, pleasure to work with.

Very respectful of the model which is always a bonus.

There was a shoot plan which made the 3 hours fly by as we both knew what we were doing and what to expect.

Nice laid back shoot, I look forward to shooting with you again.

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A wonderful guy with great direction should it ever be needed. Very professional and welcoming. Great images. We’ve already arranged a time in the next few weeks for the next shoots looking forward to it.

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Had another shoot with this lovely gentleman today and it was another amazing shoot with Andiamo, pre comms were excellent as always, today we shot at an apartment near me, it was fun and very professional, we got some great Images :D

I very highly recommend him to all and I look forward to working with him again soon

Thanks again for a great shoot

Scarlet :D

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R Louise Modelling

I had my first shoot with Andrew last week after spending some time discussing what we was looking to achieve via messages.

His messages were always polite and provided all of the details I needed to prepare for the shoot. He also kindly collected me from the local train station.

We worked through a number of sets in the time we had booked, covering different looks and areas within his home studio. Andrew is easy to work with, and is happy to allow models to pose freely for the most part, creating natural looking images to fit his aesthetic.

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I had a cool shoot with Andrew the other day at my place in Ashton Under Lyne. We had a great time, we shot in my living room and a kitchen. We've done mixture of styles and levels. He's friendly and chatty, would recommend him to any model :)

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Another incredible shoot with this incredible man.

The hours just seem to fly by, we get on so well and that makes for some wonderful images.

I can’t recommend this man highly enough. If you haven’t worked with him, then you should, you won’t regret it

Can’t wait for shoot 3

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What can I say about Andrew that hasn’t been said in the other 218 great references.

The best thing I can say is that I couldn’t believe how quickly time flew by, because we got so into it that 3 hours didn’t seem long enough

Wonderful man, great human being and a fabulous photographer. If you haven’t worked with him, you are missing out.

He helped me understand instantly what he was trying to capture, he guided me but allowed be the freedom to pose in my way, but also made me feel a million dollars.

Already looking forward to number 2

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Had a great shoot, learnt so much

Really can’t wait to work with him in the future.also very professional

Was very calm and easy going, didn’t feel uncomfortable once! Looking forward to our shoot booked Xx

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Great shoot and catch up with Andrew.

We’ve shot together several times over the last few years, however it has been a while since our last shoot due to lockdown restrictions.

However the time has come to slowly return to normal and we managed to shoot. Yippeeee.

Great catch up and great shoot.

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Miss Kimberley

Great communication and picked me up at the train station back to his home where we shot for a few hours getting through multiple sets. I was very happy with the sets we did and have produced some great images that have a nostalgic vibe to them. Very friendly throughout the shoot I would be happy to shoot with him again which I’m sure we will very soon ☺️

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Andrew turned up on time as per usual at my address. We got on really well had chat laughed again . Never a dull moment with him .

I highly recommend him .

Cant wait for next shoot .


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Had my 2and shoot with andiamo shoot went well pleased with the pics nice relaxed atmosphere lovely man look forward to future shoots

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Fab shoot with both andiamo &nikki first gg shoot went well easy to work with lots of laughs along way future shoot booked in with andiamo look forward to it

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Had a great shoot on Weds. Im fairly new to modelling but Andrew was fab! Made me feel so comfortable and helped me with loads of direction. We took loads of shots and I loved every single one of them. He made me feel a million dollars xx

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First time shooting with Andrew - and what a great photographer and kind person indeed .

I applied to his casting call - and he was prompt and precise in his responses , so no questions were left unanswered .

He arrived punctually on time and, while at setting up lights , we put the final dots on “i” about the shoot plan .

2 h just flew by - shoot was smooth , We got through 4 sets with ease - he allowed me to experiment as well .

Andrew comes as highly recommended photographer - directions given ,when and if needed - I was always aware of what images were taken . And images were boss!

Looking forward to work with Andrew in near future .

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Must be the 3rd or 4th shoot now always a pleasure and 100% recommended

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I had my first shoot with Andrew the other day, lots of fun he is a great photographer and we took some lovely shots! Excited to work with you again and I would 100% recommend! :)

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