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Joleen Turner

Really enjoyed my shoot with Sanjay today, he gave good directions and managed to work around the fact that we did not quite have the right outfits available. Would definitely recommend him.

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Indi Dulai

I did my first shoot with Sanj last week. This was my first shoot in a while but Sanj made me feel very at ease. He gave great direction as he knew exactly what he wanted so no time was wasted. Very enjoyable shoot, would definately recommend working with Sanj.

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Aaron Timmis

Really enjoyed shooting with Sanj today, he was very easy to work with and I loved how much he got me involved with each image and that I was able to come up with ideas.

Really looking forward to seeing the visuals from the day as we tried a few interesting shots.

I would definitely recommend Sanj and would happily shoot with him again in the future.


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Vera. L said...

A quite relaxing shoot day , and I did enjoy it. Really easy to get along with Sanj and another photographer Andrew , which makes me feel more comfortable to give natural poses .

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I had a very enjoyable as well as creative and productive shoot with Sanj, Andrew Jones and a second model Jairo at TipTop Photography's Gem space in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter on the morning of Sun Oct 11th. Sanj was expert in putting the models at ease, communicating what it is he wanted to get out of the shoot and listening to our ideas - all of which contributed to a very positive experience in what is a perfectly atmospheric location. I found Sanj's quick, efficient shooting style (honed by his time shooting travel as well as street style photos) very effective, and I look forward to working with him, Andrew and Jairo (either individually or collectively) again some time soon.

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I had a great shoot with Sanj last Sunday! He is a great professional willing to try new things and works hard until he gets achieves what he is looking for! A great guy to work with, really good fun and with great advices to make the sessions as enjoyable and productive as possible! I would recommend him to any models!

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