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I have worked with Peter so many times now that I have lost count!

Pete is always so friendly and professional and we have created some amazing photos since we started working together.

He has taught me so much about posing and studio work and I have gained so much experience from working with him.

He is an absolute delight :)

I Highly recommended Peter

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Victoria C

I've worked with Peter for such a long time now but I was one of his first models he worked with. He has come such a long way from since he started out and has now become a very good photographer. He's listened to everyone's good advice and it shows in all his shots.

I really cant wait for our next shoot to see what new ideas he has xx

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Victoria C

As always I had an amazing shoot with my good friend Peter, I have worked with Peter for 10 years now and I always look forward to our shoots aswell as spending time with him.

100% highly recommended and I cant wait for next time xx

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Peter has a true heart of gold. He needs to be treasured at all costs.💛

I met Peter back in 2015. Which feels like a lifetime ago! We met, when I was trying out- To be a make up artist. We worked on many projects together and travelled to many shoots as me the mua. We met many models and photographers on the journey.

I now consider Peter as a good friend.

Our latest work together has been shot at the Turkish Baths. I have another shoot booked in with Peter today. Let's see what we create?

If you are approached by Peter, don't miss the opportunity! He's down to earth, friendly, and talented photographer.

Muchas gracias ✨

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Keira Lavelle

Pete is honestly one of the nicest people with a genuinely true nature that this industry has to show for. In all the travelling that I do, in all the places I go and people I meet: being able to shoot with photographers like Pete, who has such a great heart and would literally do anything for anyone whilst treating models with total generosity, courtesy and professionalism... Well it just reminds you that actually; we have some pretty amazing people in our line of work. ☺️

I actually hadn’t seen Pete for a good while; a combination of the pandemic and dates just not working when I started travelling again. But I was overjoyed when he confirmed that he was indeed interested in shooting again after so long, and that the days worked out on my latest tour of the North and Scotland. 😃 He has his own bespoke space where he shoots/has set up as a studio; he also is willing to put models up if they are travelling and offer a base for them to shoot at with other people - so although I didn’t get chance to work with other photographers at Peter’s Place this time (lack of time in my schedule as I was headed to Lancashire soon after) I have worked there on several occasions with others before, and it’s a terrifically handy spot to shoot if you’re in the Carlisle area. 🤗 Still; the shoot that Pete and I enjoyed this time was creative and productive; Pete knows his space well in terms of what he likes to achieve, but he’s also willing to listen to ideas and try new things. We’ve always done something a little different: and that’s what it’s all about! Playing with different concepts, and gelling as a team to see what you can create. 😁 I think we got some really lovely natural portraits, as well as some more colourful lingerie shots. Pete even kindly messaged me after the shoot showing his appreciation which I thought was so lovely and gave me a real lift. ☺️

If you like to shoot with someone who enjoys a relaxed shoot with plenty of chatter - Pete is your man!

If you like to shoot with someone who is just so kind, gentle and decent - Pete is your man!

If you like to shoot with someone who is down for trying a range of things but also working to the comfort of a models levels/styles and respecting that - Pete is your man!

If you’re looking for someone with access to their own shooting space - Pete is your man!

If you’re looking for someone reliable and helpful in offering all the assistance he can in helping models get to his/facilitating a good shoot - Pete is your man!

He’s a good un. He really is. 🤩 And I just hope that we get to shoot again before as long as it was between our last shoot(s) because he’s a top guy. 🙌

Thank you so much Pete! You know you have my recommendation. 🌟


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Victoria C

Its always a pleasure visiting Pete and his studio. Such an amazing host and we always get some amazing images when im in his stuido. I look forward to see him again especially now restrictions have ended.

Thankyou x

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Coco Tiger

This was my 3rd shoot with Pete, and this time we shot all day. I was expecting to shoot for the whole 8 hours, but Pete made sure I took lots of breaks and that I was well looked after. He came up with even more interesting ideas than last time that I was super excited to try. I am so pleased with the pictures we got. Pete was as always professional, down to earth, and super creative. I hope to work with him again soon. Thank you for a relaxing shoot 😊

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Ambrosia Vanette

Peter is such a lovely man. Very long and generous. He kindly put me up whilst on was touring the Carlisle area. Peter is a great host. He always makes sure I am provided for. I also enjoyed shooting with him during my stay. We got a good variety of shots and Peter took some beautiful portrait pictures of me. Thanks so much Peter!

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Seren Wise

I had another lovely shoot today with Pete at his home studio. He was very welcoming as always, helpful and relaxed about shooting. We did a little bit of shooting in his pleasant garden and then used his studio room for some lovely indoor shots.

From what I could see of the images he took they look fantastic and I look forward to seeing them! Hope to shoot again very soon - thanks again Pete :)

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Coco Tiger

I’ve had an awesome second shoot with Pete, and this time it was at his studio. He was very welcoming, made sure I was comfortable and had plenty of breaks. We shot a few different styles, from fashion to art nude, and I was very pleased with the pictures we got. Pete was easy to work with, professional, and creative, he came up with so many great ideas.

We already planned our third shoot, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Highly recommended

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Another fantastic shoot with the lovely Pete.

I was up at his studio shooting with another photographer, but afterwards there was time for a shoot with Peter himself.

Fantastic and very creative might I add.

We tested a new background colour (which I may have persuaded him to try out) thank god it worked and gave us some great results.

I loved every minute of yesterday. Every second even.

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Pete assisted me on a shoot with Aloralux, shooting stills for a few hours in his studio. It goes without saying that he did a sterling job, offering stills to accompany the video I was shooting.

Pete is not only great with his choice of angle and composition, but he is a dab hand with lightroom too and I'm delighted with the work he has produced. A top quality photographer offering dazzling results. Thank you Pete, a most outstanding day!

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I have worked with Pete now so many time now that I have lost count!

This time Pete came to mine with another photographer for a girl/girl shoot.

We used a variety of rooms in my house and also did some solo shots.

Pete is always really chilled out and I always enjoy shooting with him.

100% recommend as always!

Will be working with him again soon :)

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Coco Tiger

I’ve had a lovely shoot with Pete yesterday. We covered a variety of styles, from girl girl/lingerie to erotica. Pete is professional, easy to work with, and very creative. I was impressed with the results we got, and I can’t wait to see more pictures. Hope to work with Pete again in the near future.

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Another superb day with Pete, shooting MeganJay and Coco Tiger in Penrith.

Working in harmony with another photographer can be tricky, but Pete found the perfect balance to allow us both time to shoot in different locations without tripping up over each other. As always, his kind and cool personality shone through, sharing many a laugh and capturing some rather fine shots along the way. A most generous and thoughtful man, I love to learn from his exceptional skills which he shares in abundance. Thank you Pete, til the next time!

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Had a shoot with Peter at he’s home studio today and what a great guy. Made me feel at ease right away, very friendly, chatty And very professional. The images I’ve seen so far are amazing he even got me a couple of edits straight to me. Would definitely recommend Peter and I will certainly work with him again.

Thanks again.

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Maeve Winter

Had my first proper shoot with Pete, he is such a gentleman with a heart of gold. We worked between the levels of fashion to nude, the shoot was amazing and the photos as an outcome are even better. Very relaxed setting and Pete is amazing at guidance when needing help. Very professional manner, would highly recommend and will hopefully be working with him again shortly.

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Kitty Quinzell

Had a nice little shoot with Peter, we shot a mix of lingerie, nude and fashion. The pics I’ve seen so far look great :)

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Maeve Winter

I went to Pete’s place to shoot with his friend Ron and whilst I was there I had the pleasure of doing a small shoot with Pete; such a lovely gentleman with amazing hospitality skills and a heart of gold. The shots we got were amazing. Will definitely be doing a full booking with Pete very soon.

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Victoria C

Once again I had another fantastic shoot with Peter. I love coming see Peter we always have a lovely catch up as well as a lovely shoot. We shot my new Lux Lingerie and also did Fur coat & no Knickers but as always it was a fun shoot and we created some amazing pics.

I would highly recommend Peter to work with and I look forward to the next time my trip over to Carlisle.

Thankyou for another fantastic shoot.

Vicky xx

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