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All my work is on Instagram @ambii_photography

Welcome to my purpleport!

I'm a part time photographer, I've limited my photography to how many I can afford in a month.I left for a long time, because I wasn't in a good mental frame of mind.I am currently trying to save up for a new camera, but I use mine or my friends camera currently.I want to push myself more, try new things

So why should we work with you, you keep leaving?

I fully understand people being weary, but all the models I have worked with have called me friendly and professional. I wasn't in a good mental state of mind and came back too quickly, so now i've dealt with my issues i'm ready to get back into photography. I always make sure that the models who I work with are always treated with respect

So who am I?I'm Amber a 25 year old Londoner born and raised, who got into photography a few years back on and off but recently started to do it in a more professional manner. I dabble in portrait photography, fashion photography and landscape photography. I'm not a great photographer but we all started somewhere.


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