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Amber Tutton has 700 references; 700 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Had an amazing duo shoot with Amber this weekend in Market Harborough. We got on too well, like id never only just met this girl … we just clicked like it was familiar haha! She looks insane , poses effortlessly and is very intelligent.

Id obviously work with Amber again and were discussing future venues and will 150% recommend her to other photographers.


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Wowwwwwww. I just don't know where to start or what more to say that has not been said before.

Amber has over 11 years experience and almost 700 Positive References. That speaks volumes.

However, I would like to add that after a very spontaneous Photoshoot earlier this year we did manage to arrange another Photoshoot. This time a duo shoot with Ashley Ashton. The first time both models have worked together and I am sure that they will continue to work together.

Amber has such a natural beauty, in fact, she is "Ridiculously Attractive" :) with a figure "Out of this World"

This time the shoot was about "High Class Lingerie"

For me most of the times a Photoshoot is just a shoot but with Amber felt different from day one. "Genuine connection" and for me the desire to shoot more and more.

It is almost impossible to take a bad photo of Amber as she is so photogenic and she always strikes the perfect pose.

I Love her amazing "Big Blue" eyes. They are lighter than the Sun.

Well .... she is just "Adorable"

200% Recommended

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Paul Anthony Photography

I attended a duo shoot with Amber and Ashley Ashton, and after the initial slight confusion around timings, we cracked on. It is instantly visible that Amber is an extremely accomplished and talented model. There was really no need for any prompting regarding poses or expressions.

When working alongside Ash there was real chemistry and the time flew by, way too quickly.

I have a large number of images to review but know that the lion's share will need little or no editing.

Thank you Amber, take care and stay in touch.

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John Chapman

I had my first 'proper' shoot with Amber a couple of days ago, a duo shoot with Ashley Ashton. I'd only shot with her on a club group shoot a few years back, but was very happy to get a couple of hours booked on this duo day.

One look at Amber's portfolio will tell you how good a model she is and she didn't disappoint. She worked really well with Ashley and my job was made much easier with the way they bounced ideas off each other. I just pressed the buttons and came away with a card full of great images.

I'll definitely be looking to shoot with Amber again, as soon as time allows.

Highly recommended :-)

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SM Images & Photography

Well Shoot number three Came after way too long for myself and the "Posh one" at openspace kettering last sunday and after nearly 700 positive references what more can i really say to add anymore words or superlatives than amber is just brilliant.A total class act and at the very top of her craft and since our last couple of shoots both more than 5 years ago amber since then has gone up another rung or ten of brilliance on the modelling ladder.

That's damning with faint praise so i will add more. . .

Amber is an utter delight with a beautiful smile that radiates the room and From the warm welcome to the engaging conversation the consideration,patience and humour which is something that continued from our previous shoots way back and add to that awesome outfits and great poses throughout the shoot.The skillset shown makes working with Amber so easy. A truly beautiful lady whose modelling skills are just phenomenal.No real direction was given or required at all to achieve images i could have only have wished for in my wildest dreams.

Well the Time flew by so fast and not without lots of giggles and bashing of our ear canals as within 5 minutes of starting shooting our musical entertainment arrived (sorry worst nightmare) who was loud and couldn't sing for toffee was playing down in the cafe bar below.Ruining several abba tunes as well as tina turner stuff but provided a crazy but funny edge to the shoot throughout.

Amber you are "1 Million percent" recommended by me and in the words of the not late tina turner "You're Simply the best".We are already planning our next shoot very shortly and thanks again for being just wonderful and awesome in front of the lens again.Cheers me dears till next time Stu x

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Mansoor Ali

Today I had my second photo shoot with Amber. It was at Open Space studio in Kettering. She is the perfect model. Her makeup was done to perfection, has beautiful skin and a stunning figure. She didn't need any directing from me and was always friendly. The time I spent with her just breezed by. She brought some beautiful dresses and I'm very pleased with the images and I hope to see her again.

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What do you say about a lady with 700 references? Three hours passed by in a flash. I had a ball. Amber was great fun, as well as a truly professional model. I'm blown away by the images...which I'm now trying to edit down to a few favourites: an almost impossible task. Many thanks Amber and to Alan from OpenSpace Studio.

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Amber is charming, intelligent and articulate - great fun to have on a shoot. As a model she is exceptional; Laura poses with or without direction and those poses flow from one into another with flair and creativity and she has a good understanding in regards to placing herself to best advantage in varying light set-ups.I would highly recommend Amber and you will get a great deal of enjoyment, and great results.

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There is little I can say about Amber that hasn’t been said before. The greatest compliment I can pay her is that she is brilliant at what she does and loves to do. Like a true professional she goes through her repertoire of poses effortlessly. She is classy, fun and I had a great time getting what I hoped for thanks to her and the thought and preparation she put into the session.

Thank you again Amber and here’s to the next shoot very soon.

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Awesome first shoot with Amber

Total Professional.. An Organised a duo with Kaylee

Superb makeup and outfits...

Until Next Time....

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I organised a fashion/beauty portrait shoot with Amber at Saracen House Studio in Milton Keynes and it was incredible! Amber is very friendly and approachable with a positive attitude to get the best possible pictures. She brought a huge pink suitcase full of outfits and already had hair and makeup done on arrival.

Amber's flow posing is just simply amazing! Every pose was absolutely stunning and she really knows how to work for the camera. My Hasselblad couldn't keep up as she was straight into the next pose without much direction - the perfect model. I have to go through my images and I think I will have a 90% keep rate but will have a difficult task of culling the images to get to the absolute best ones!

I very highly recommend Amber as a model to other photographers to work with, she will produce stunning results for you.

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So having taken years to get one shoot arranged a second one comes along in a couple of days.

Amber contacted me after a cancellation this week so ended up on a second shoot in a week this time a duo with Grace again on location close to Ely. Similar setup to the previous shoot but I think the weather smiled on us a little better second time round. Great second shoot with some fantastic images, the hit rate when shooting a model like Amber is so high. Loads of jangles it edit.

Hopefully get a chance to shoot Amber again.sometime soon.

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Aurora Phoenix

Me and Amber Tutton had our first ever duo day together and it was completely sold out and an absolute huge success!!

Prior to the event Ambers communication was absolutely excellent and she was always prompt and easy to talk to via WhatsApp. Amber had found an absolutely stunning huge location in Ely for us to host the event and sorted out everything when it came to organizing the location for the date we needed.

I was amazed at how quickly the event sold out as we both posted our castings on purpleport and on social media.

We were already smashing it together before the event had event started.

On the day of shooting Amber was really friendly and easy to get on with. She had a huge collection of the most stunning lingerie and our Honey Birdette sets really worked well together. Amber was really easy to work with and pose with and had some really excellent ideas. She was really friendly and professional around the photographers too.

What an blessing to meet and work with this lovely person! As well as a new duo partner I also see her as a friend and we are already discussing another event and some Tours together too.

110% recommended!! Book her if you haven’t already ;)

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I got to shoot with Amber as part of a duo shoot with Aurora Phoenix who I have worked with before. The two worked together well as a team and created a good range of poses for me. I will definitely be looking to work with Amber again.

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Although Amber is local to me, various attempts to organise a shoot haven’t quite come together in the past. However the stars aligned and ended up booking a duo session with Amber and Aurora Pheonix at a location close to Ely.

Amber is a great model with an amazing figure, so easy to work with. Both models were amazing and the 2 hours flew by. It was a lovely location and we got some great images, it was a great atmosphere with loads of laughs. Recommended.

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John Bucknall Photography

Amber was amazing at her studio day at Kempston Studio today. She not only looked flawless with her amazing skin, silky hair and piercing blue eyes, but also you could see her years of modeling experience come into play as she came up with pose after pose. Book her and you definitely won’t be disappointed!

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Kempston Studio [Studio Hire, Bedford]

Amber hosted a studio day with me and although I had heard loads about Amber I had never been lucky enough to meet her. Well today that changed and I also got to shoot with Amber myself.

Amber is so lovely as a person and so professional and lovely as a model.

She has a "can do" attitude and was happy to take direction from me or go with her own flow when I ran out of ideas.

Amber has a great figure and really beautiful look that it's hard not to be entranced when you meet her.

I would happily and wholeheartedly recommend Amber and would love to have her back here again soon (when she's not jetting round the world)!

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Promo Photo

Not sure how many shoot I have had with Amber now but it must be about time I left another review!

This time Amber was one of four stunning models at a recent UK Model Events group shoot held at Gods Own Junkyard, and as ever Amber was fun, friendly and easy to work with. She worked hard all shoot to ensure that everyone achieved the images they were after.

I have worked with Amber on a number of occasions, covering group shoots, duos and 1:1 shoots and I will certainly be back again.

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Ben Clarke Media

Shot with Amber at a UK Model Events shoot near London. Amber is a fantastic model and an absolute blast to work with. I very much look forward to working with her again!

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Shot with Amber at a group shoot organised UK model events God’s Own Junkyard.

Amber was super easy to work with and totally made me feel at ease throughout the shoot. Was bubble and full of own ideas to add to the vast ideas in the location conjurered up. Highly recommended and very much hope I get the opportunity to shoot with her again as she’s brilliant!

Thanks Amber for the a great few sets and the reassurance.

Amazing model for all photographers to work with

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