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I worked with Alistair at a Creativity Hub Event. He was great to work with, super professional and a really nice guy.

Great shots from the day!

Definitely recommend working with Alistair if you get the chance 👍🏻

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Ria Williams

Alistair was such a pleasure to work with! As soon as I met him I felt very welcomed and comfortable and I feel like we just clicked and I could be myself around him. I absolutely loved his work so was very excited when we planned a shoot together and the photos that came out from this shoot are so good and a lot different from anything I've done before, which I love.

I highly recommend working with Alistair. I would absolutely love to work with him again sometime!

Thanks again Alistair! :)

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After admiring Alistair's work for a while I was over the moon that we could finally shoot, even though it was brief.

He is super easy to get on with and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. We knew exactly what we were going to be shooting - and we nailed it! There is no doubt that he is a ball of knowledge and skill when it comes to photography and editing. In my opinion his creative ideas/images would enhance anyone's portfolio.

I would definitely highly recommended Alistair and I hope to work together again one day 😊

Many thanks

Leejay x

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Queen Esoteric

Alistair is a absolute pleasure to shoot without a doubt!

We created some phenomenal editorial style art pieces which I’m really over the moon with! Would recommend without hesitation and can’t wait to shoot again!

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Mia Louise Berry

Amazing to work with! Already recommended to others! Alistair is so easy to get a long with and work with. Can’t wait to work with him again!

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Amber Lillian

It was an absolute delight working with Alistair. He was so friendly and professional, you feel comfortable straight away. Showed photos as we went, and was even nice enough to buy me a tea when we stopped for a break. The photos all look amazing as well. It was a great time, I would definitely recommend!

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Cloe LaVey

Alistair made me feel really at ease, he's extremely professional, great communication before and after the shoot. He sent me a photo that he'd edited within an hour, very pleased. We plan to meet again soon! Highly recommend, lovely guy!

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Shooting with Alistair today was probably one of my

Favourite shoots I’ve done so far! He had great communication prior to the shoot and when we me he made sure I was comfortable and relaxed and we created some stunning images!

So lucky to have been involved in his project and would work with him again and again if I could!

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I absolutely loved my shoot with Alistair, he made me feel welcome and relaxed before we started shooting.

The shoot itself was fun and I would definately recommend him to other models, he is really laid back unlike other bossy photographers.

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Had my first shoot of 2018 with Alistair, and what can I say! Professional and so easy to get along with! Great morning shooting! Can’t wait to see the images!! Looking forward to shooting again!


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Amber Bailey 1

I had the most amazing shoot with Alistair,he’s creative and down to earth , easy to shoot with , I would love to shoot with him again and again if I could. Lovely man

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Luce Thompson

Alistair was absolutely amazing during our shoot, I was looking forward to working with him for some time and communication following up to the shoot was easy and professional, we got along so well so the shoot ended up flowing perfect.

Before the shoot Alistair offered me a coffee and we sat down and spoke about ideas before continuing with the shoot, was nice to break the ice and confirm what we was doing, it made me feel very at ease and comfortable infront of him :)

He had a spare bedroom just for shooting, with plenty of space and beautiful bedding which was perfect for the result I was after!

Alistair provided me with images almost immediately after the shoot I couldn’t of asked for better results! I also brought along a new model who was nervous about doing her first nude shoot, however she was happy to work side by side with me because of how comfortable he made us both feel. I would recommend Alistair to any new models that would like to collaborate for very spectacular images but also want to work in laid back yet friendly environment :)

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Hayley Hartley

I had my first shoot with Alistair last week and I had so much fun, one of the most enjoyable shoots I've ever had :) Alistair welcomed me into his home with a nice cup of tea and we chilled out for a little bit whilst we discussed our plans!

When we started I was amazed at how quick Alistair was, and in turn because he made me feel so comfortable I felt relaxed and got into it straight away!

Once we were happy with everything we produced (very quickly) we sat and went through all the images and Alistair let me chose my favourites ready for him to process. And again very quickly I had a link to all the images we chose together and I couldn't be happier with them!

We already have something else planned for the very near future and I cannot wait :D

See you soon! Hayley xx

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I have been wanting to shoot with Alistair for quite some time, so I was totally looking forward to working with him! It was a short but productive shoot, and we both got the images we were looking for! Talented guy with a genuine passion for photography, and very funny too!

Highly recommended, thank you!

Shannie :)

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Scarlett Blaze

I did an awesome creative shoot with Alistair at his home.

As you can see from his portfolio he is very talented and has a friendly easy going attitude to match.

This was my second shoot with him, although it was brief I was impressed with the results, he edited some of the images while I was there and was very quick to send them so I left a very happy Scarlett.

Highly recommend.

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Nikita Crombie

Well I can start by saying this was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had yet.

Alistair was a real pleasure to be meet. I instantly accepted his offer, when he offered me an opportunity to shoot together. When I arrived, I was welcomed into his home and I straight away felt at ease.

I was very excited to finally work with Alistair, as he is very talented at what he does. Looking at the images throughout the day of shooting, I was extremely impressed. A very easy going gentleman, who is able to capture and produce real quality images. .

I would highly recommend working with Alistair to anyone, and I certainly look forward to organising our next shoot together :)

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Well what can I say about Alistair..

Professional, quick, clearly understand all about photography and a camera!!

Awesome pictures and quick turn around results.. this no fuss professional photographer knows exactly what he wants... great direction and friendly easy going personality and attitude.

My brief for the shoot was Indian warrior head-dress and vibrant make up. Our shoot was straight forward and to the point, seemed to be over in minuets. The shoot took place on a beach which near his home in Burnham-on-sea. In all a really fun enjoyable shoot.

Alistair is an award winning photographer, which shine through in his portfolio..

I would highly recommend him to any client/ model or creative for future projects..

Thanks Al, hope to catch up again soon. :) x

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Rag Doll

Organised a last minute shoot with Alistair and despite the high winds we had lots of fun and created some amazing images in a very short amount of time both outdoors and in his house... His scrambled eggs on toast were great too :)

Working with Alistair was very relaxed yet he pays great attention to detail at the same time giving great direction to correct these little things. He is very much a gentleman and I can't wait to see all the images fully edited.

I would be happy to work with him again and would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Natasha AK4790

I had my third shoot with Alistair last month which was the best yet! He is clearly a very talented photographer and we shot a few styles all of which he nailed. He had some fun things to wear and we had such a laugh doing it! Friendly, chatty, helpful and I absolutely love the photos we produced. Highly recommend :)

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Graces-Faces-Makeup Artist said...

Genuine lovely guy!

Clearly knows what he's doing & has great vision!

Highly recommend working with him & would love to work with you in future!

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