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Had a great 1st shoot with Alex, such a gentleman, totally professional, captured some great shots. So looking forward to seeing them, if you get chance to do a shoot with this guy, do it, you won't be disappointed, thank you, looking forward to our next shoot, libby

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Platinum said...

Had a great time with Alex he made me feel so comfortable. Some of the shots are truly gorgeous! my first shoot Nude/soft adult was extremely comfortable, no nerves at all as instant connection of professionalism 10/10 thank you Alex x

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Bethany Rose said...

I've worked with Alex a few times and each time I've had good results. He's easy to work with and can easily make you feel confident where you need it most and helps you A lot on direction if needed...Very talented at what he does and also very dedicated, Alex is one of the top photographers I've had a pleasure of working with and would happily work with him again on any shoot :)

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Sakura- said...

Alex awesome to work with and there is definitely not a dull moment the whole shoot. He's experienced and creative and produces awesome images! Definitely a recommendation from me!

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Lou_Hamlet said...

Worked with Alex today on a bridal shoot.

Very professional but easy to talk to. Gave good direction and was attentive to the images being produced.

Thanks Alex

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UisceBhea said...

Shot with Alex at a group shoot in Nottingham, fantastic results, easy to get along with and awesome in general :D

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Laura Peterson said...

Alex is such a comforting and friendly photographer. The shoot I did with him was a different turn in my modelling style, making me nervous, however Alex instantly set a relaxed atmosphere. He gives a model freedom to 'perform', yet also gives enough direction where necessary. The outcome of his work is always successful, as he pays much attention to detail. I was extremely pleased with the results I got from Alex's work, and would highly recommend him.

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Rafey-Chan said...

i really enjoyed working with Alex, hes very relaxed and easy to talk to, which is really helpfull when your not too sure yourself =)

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Valen Vain

Despite what his Profile says, he is a very good Tog and despite making most of his money doing weddings and such, he is always open to ideas which in turn gives him ideas

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H said...

shot with alex twice now :) hes a lovely guy and has a lot of good ideas! really fun to work with and ended up with some nice photos too! also he ALWAYS has sweets or snacks or some sort of food in his studio :) bonus!

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