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Cherry Tart

Shot with afterglow in Brighton city. All is good! Very friendly. I look forward to shooting again.


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I had a truly fantastic time shooting with Afterglow. Not only was the location gorgeous (air con and beautiful light patterns!) afterglow was great company. I could tell from pre Comms that he was going for to be friendly and on the day there was top banter haha!

From the back of the camera the images looked great and in focus, I am definitely looking forward to seeing the retouched versions.

Afterglow was respectful of levels and talked me through everything he was doing.

Definitely one of my funnest shoots to date!! Recommend!

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Kitty Dawson

I had a shoot with Afterglow and it went really well.He was friendly, kind, professional and was clear.It was a pleasure to shoot with him.


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Lauren Kenny

I shot with Afterglow for the first time this week and truly enjoyed the shoot.

Whilst having a clear, creative manner in his photography he was professional and simultaneously fun and engaging - thanks a lot for the series recommendations and the mario kart dual!! :-)

I hope to work together again. Would highly recommend.

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I had a fabulous shoot with Afterglow over the weekend, he is very friendly and chatty whilst being proffessional and giving great direction. Id recommend him happily! :)

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Afterglow recently worked on some images for me as a Photoshop/re-toucher. Comms were excellent, always had great suggestions and the images were much improved as a result. 100% recommend.

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Not only I can recommend Afterglow as a phtographer, I can even say he is fantastic graphic designer. He made a design for my calendar 2017 and it looks amazing. It was done pretty quick from his side, he made many nice versions so I couldn't even decide which one is the best..I can just say well done and thank you again ;) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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I really enjoyed our shoot with Afterglow. He is really nice person and professional, I can highly recommend him!

Thank you for our shoot again and hopefully see you again :)


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Bethan Rose

I had such a great shoot with Afterglow. He was ever so friendly and fun to talk to, plus I absolutely loved the photos he took! I am very much looking forward to working together again and highly recommend him! :)

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I had a shoot with afterglow on April fools day! My my my am I glad I did! He made my day, he is hilarious and makes you feel so at ease!

I would highly recommend him to any model! Genuinely lovely guy! :)

Really hope to shoot together in the very near future (: x

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Arielle Fox

Had an amazing second shoot with Afterglow!

He is great fun to work with and easy to get along with, I really enjoyed the shoot.

Would definitely work with him again, the pictures look great too!

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Arielle Fox

Had a great shoot with Afterglow he is also a great photographer as well as a good editor :)

The shoot went really well and was great fun, the pictures look great.

we have already started discussing a second shoot!!

Really looking forward to working with him again! Highly recommended

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More great work by Afterglow! thanks mate! It is all down to Odette Flaur of course, a fantastic model.

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I contacted Afterglow to help me with Photoshop detailing on my photographs. Judge for yourself but I think he has done a really great job and I will certainly be using him again, he has said that he can give me guidance on my own finishing which is very generous. Definitely recommended.

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Lily Moonflower

We unfortunately didn't get to shoot, but Afterglow let me know very early that day, and still paid me for my time, which I thought was a wonderful gesture.

We hope to work together in the future~

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I offered up an image for Afterglow to work on, a daytime shot I really needed to look as if taken at night and with a spooky touch.

We'll Afterglow exceeded expectations and I would throughly recommend using this service

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Barry lee said...

Afterglow took a few images from a previous shoot to show me his photoshop touching up skills. I am very impressed,. Afterglow has given me an excellent version of Esme Shard at Old Portsmouth. Would recommend and would certainly use the talent again. I would seriously consider giving an image to see what can be done with yours.

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