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Worked with Khalees on a commercial shoot last week & found her to be as easy going as she is stunning - pleasure to work with, no divaness, good comm's pre-shooting. The client's re-booked her immediately, nuff said!

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Had the amazing pleasure to shot with the awesome Khaleesj… Wow what can a say so much more than just model! Her attention to detail with her make-up is first class, her pre shoot communications perfetto!

As a model she’s truly exotic and unique like no other, poses with elegance and without direction has confidence and experience and beyond her years. Suffice to say together (mostly down to her) we produced fantastic images.

Top of my recommendation list! Can’t wait to shoot with her again!

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Franks Pics

Worked with Khaleesj in London after she arrived from Italy for a short visit.

She has an elegance and beauty with her youthful body that opens so many possibilities to the camera.

I hope that she comes back to the UK soon and more often.

Thank you.

Steve Frank.

(Francs Pics)

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