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Olivia K

Had a swimwear shoot with Zack and I cannot recommend him enough.

Zack is a total Pro, knows exactly what he wants from the model, gives really good directions and works quickly and efficiently.

I cannot wait to see the results of our shoot, as I'm sure they're going through he brilliant like the rest of his work.

Thanks and I hope our paths will cross again!

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Karina Jacenko

Had an amazing experience working with Zac, very pleased with the outcome. Has boosted my confidence to a 100% showing that all the angles of my face could work. Very talented in capturing the most beautiful moments! Very easy going person which makes it easy to work with as well as gives the confidence to open up as a model and develop the skills. Highly recommended, can't wait to work with you again!

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GREAT SHOOT☺️ Very easy to communicate with, outgoing and had no trouble getting a shoot booked in very quick. Short and sweet as I like to say. Zac made me feel very comfortable and was good at giving direction. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, as this was my first shoot. Would love to work again in the future and can’t wait to see the my images.

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Jade Sapphire

It was my first implied shoot after taking a long 2+ years out. Zac was amazing and made me and the other model feel very comfortable. Not only did we capture great images we also had a great afternoon. He was very professional and we also could have a laugh which made me feel even more comfortable. He also took covid-19 ppe seriously and made sure we all had our masks with us etc. Thank you so much!! 100% would recommend to any model. Looking forward to seeing the images :D

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Really enjoyed the time spent with Zac at last week's 'group' shoot..knows what he is after and gives good direction ..very pleased with images ..hopefully our paths will cross again ...Willow

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Evie Kedavra

Really enjoyed the shoot, truly a gent and gave me lots of direction which as a new model is beyond helpful.

I look forward to seeing the images and hope to work with you again in the future (I won't forget the dresses next time 😆)

Thank you so much!

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Antony taylor photography

Zac attended my group shoot last week working with various photographers and models 100% reliable and trusted gave good direction to the models he worked with.

Thanks for attending.


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Charley Rodgers

It was a pleasure to shoot with Zac last week, he made me feel at ease and was very professional. We had to change our location last minute due to the weather but we both adapted well and managed to get some good shots despite that. He offered tips to get better pictures and angles and I was really pleased with how the photos have come out. Would definitely recommend and hopefully work together again soon

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Mia Nemesis

shot with zac this weekend at the boiler works event in stoke. he gave some sick pose ideas, was very easy to get along with and was super professional. all in all i recommend zac and would like to work with him again.

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Rich Ludovico

Worked with Zac whilst attending a group networking event in Stoke at The Boiler Works. He was great to work with and help me loosen up and gave great direction during the shoot. His pictures came out great and he was a very pleasant friendly guy to work with. I would definitely recommend him for his great talent behind the camera and hopefully will work with him again soon.

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Laura Rose Meir

I shot with zac yesterday at his home studio. He made me feel really comfortable and gave me really good instruction when modelling. His photography is amazing!! Got the photographs today after only shooting with him yesterday and I’m so happy with them! Definitely recommend 100%

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Shot for the first time in months with zac last week couldn’t be happier with the photos, he’s an amazing photographer very helpful with giving direction on posing and made me feel very comfortable

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Donna Bee

First time shooting for a while. Zac made me feel so comfortable and was very helpful, full of ideas and plenty of banter! I’d definitely shoot with him again

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Lindsay Jane

I shot with Zac last night in location for a beach shoot! Zac is a lovely, friendly and funny guy who makes you feel at ease straight away! He gives good clear instruction and explains poses as well as making sure they best suit you and your shape. He has a clear idea of the looks he’d like to shoot and shoots quickly without being rushed. One of my favourite shoots to date! Thanks so much, 110% would recommend :)

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Zac is easily one of my favourite photographers to work with. He is an incredibly talented man, and has some awesome ideas!

Zac approached me for a shoot at Talacre Beach to make the most of the hot weather while it's still hanging around. We arranged to work during the evening as the sun was setting to make the most of the natural light and the colourful sky.

Zac collected me from my home and we had a wonderful journey to the beach. Zac is great a creating conversation, and is incredibly knowledgeable in so many areas and has a vast variety of interests which can keep me hooked for hours.

When we arrived at the location, we got straight to business, shooting from swimwear all the way to art nude and back. We got some incredible images that I am very proud of, and that I hope Zac is too.

Zac is wonderful with direction and has so many fabulous ideas. He also allowed me to pose freely and throw shapes of my own during the shoot, which I highly appreciated.

His post communication after the shoot was awesome as well, he very nicely shared some images with me after the shoot and I am blown away by them.

If you are after a photographer that will take an idea and truly bring it to life, Zac is certainly up there with the top.

Awesome guy, incredible photographer, great friend - what more can I say?!

100 % recommended, as always.

Thank you, Zac!

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I was very nervous for my first experience modelling but Zac made me feel very comfortable and built up my confidence with great modelling tips and advice. I would definitely recommend Zac for being very professional and friendly, hopefully we can work together again.

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jessica elizabeth

first time meeting Zac today and the shoot was amazing, he made me feel very welcoming and confident as at the start i was quite shy as i'm new to this but thoughout i built my confidence! defiantly would go back and have another shoot x

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Yesterday’s photoshoot was the first time I met Zac in his home studio. Zac is a great person and professional photographer. He made me feel very comfortable and gave advices when needed. I would highly recommend Zac to anyone in this industry and if there will be any opportunity to work with him again I will definitely use it.

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Melissa Elizabeth

First time shooting with Zac and we shot at his home studio, it was lovely, well equipped and Zac was all ready and prepared for me. he made me feel really comfortable, and was very chatty and we had a laugh but he also remained professional. We got some lovely images and he helped direct me when was needed. I would highly recommend Zac, and I hope to shoot with him again in the future 😊

Thanks again x

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First time shooting with Zac and he was completely professional. He kept in contact before and after the shoot and made me feel so comfortable shooting on location. I would highly recommend every model to work with Zac as he's easy to get along with and has so many ideas up his path.

Looking forward to working with zac again! :)

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