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My first shoot with this wonderful lady was an absolute success!!...we planned everything through some excellent communications, and our shoot involved being outdoors in the Tipperary mountains, of course the weather was horrendous, but still...she came so well prepared, with outfits and props that she had brought along just in case, which we ended up using!!..so very thoughtful..creative and professional...the weather was very inclement, but still she braved the elements to help me produce some thought provoking images that are just sublime!!...I simply cannot recommend her highly enough and look forward to many more shoots in the future!!

Thank you so much 22Minimouse!!

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Z Stop

I had the pleasure of working with Minimouse to produce a beautiful collection of photos. Prior to our shoot we were in regular contact exchanging ideas. Minimouse came to the shoot prepared and with a variety of clothes changes. She was a joy to shoot with and took direction perfectly. We are already planning our next collaboration. I would highly recommend Minimouse as stunning and talented model.

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Can't speak highly enough of 22Minimouse. Great natural posing ability. Fantastic communication before and during the shoot. Loads of outfits, everything really spot on. Thanks Minimouse22, it was a really enjoyable shoot.

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Simply put, the wonderful 22minimouse is a sublime and talented artist model. We, on this our first shoot together, spent almost six hours together. We used various locations and styles - all of which were perfectly executed.

22minimouse brings her own strong and vibrant personality into each set up - ensuring quality images and great fun in the process. I greatly appreciated her willingness to climb on tables, window ledges (low lying and not dangerous) etc. which added more variety to the shoot.

Communications beforehand were excellent. Quick replies with shared ideas and 'mood boards' help enormously with the shoot.

I cannot recommend 22minimouse highly enough. Stunning!

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I am delighted to recommend 22Minimouse. We had great communication before the shoot as we planning the shots we were going to take. She is very comfortable in front of the camera and is great at following directions but also brings her own excellent creative ideas to the shoot. 22Minimouse arrived on time and was very well prepared. She has a very professional attitude and was a total pleasure to work with. With lots of laughs thrown in, we have a very relaxed and productive photo session. I would highly recommend the beautiful and talanted 22Minimouse.

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Justin Mortimer

I had the wonderful pleasure of working with the beautiful 22Minimouse yesterday, and definitely will be shooting with again. Communication before and during the shoot was excellent. We had good fun all day and got great shots. HIGHLY Recommend booking.

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Pat T

Very intested in the creative process and has great patience all together with super posing ability.

Highly recommended.

Looking forward to next time. Thanks for a great shoot.

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