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Arts Voyage is a professional creative platform organising events and photographic trips for photographers to get the opportunity to shoot at luxuriously beautiful places around the world. The trips are model-run (two big trips yearly by Keira Lavelle and Renaissance, plus smaller/exclusive solo trips in-between) which make for a very approachable and friendly service with that valuable/personal working connection from the start: you deal with the people that you are going to be working with so you (as an attending photographer) feel totally involved and valued from the start. Not just a person "making up the numbers."

The unique attribute of Arts Voyage is the fact that the carefully allocated shooting time is ALL one-to-one. The model organisers have a significant level of experience shooting overseas throughout their successful modelling careers and have tailored these trips to what they believe (through own experience and your feedback over several years) to be the most productive method of generating good model-photographer rapports, and subsequently: beautiful images that sparkle. We appreciate that photographers may be investing a lot in terms of funds and time to come such a distance to one of our destinations, and as such; we endeavour to give them the best back that we can for it. Non-rushed, non-crowded shooting environments combined with choice after choice of wardrobe, from quality bespoke to classic. You as the photographer call the shots on what you want to achieve creatively with the usual collaborative help of we as models providing themes/ideas along the way. Once at our organised event, we deliver the poses/model and stylist skills as well as pre-researched locations with a great deal of time and passion put in. The feel to each shoot is exactly what a photographer would expect from booking a model normally: the difference being is that we arrange the gorgeous villas/accommodation, do all the running around to plan it for you and drive you to captivating places once there and have the dining/full-board arrangements covered. All you have to do is get yourself there with your camera/equipment; we do the rest and provide a memorable creative experience for you to walk away with some lush images that you created independently and can be proud of. Smile

We thoroughly research and source stunning locations for each and every trip.

Though we provide serious creative one-to-one shooting time, and even produce bespoke wear especially showing our creative commitment; there are never a shortage of laughs and fun memories along the way! See  the outtake below as evidence!

We take our photographers to lovely traditional and local restaurants in the evenings after shoots to refuel. (Completely on the house!)

We also prepare fresh, delicious lunches for our photographers during the day in-between shooting!

See also - video material from past trips & more general information:


This album depicts a range of images from different holidays to give you an idea about the kind of work that is achievable from joining us on a future trip. You can also follow the Arts Voyage Instagram page for regular picture and video updates at:


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