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Art-Nude shoot Cregg Castle Galway 2017

This is my first ever Photoshoot where I took photographs of people Naked. A very unusual experience for me!
I had not got a clue what I was doing and I was really nervous and not in my element. Valentina and Svala were brilliant to work with no fuss or awkwardness and they did all the hard work it left me some time to get comfortable and experiment with different camera settings to see when natural light worked better then strobe light and trying to mix both. we had 2 hours but would have loved another 2 hours to try some different things like outdoors and some props/clothing mixed in.    

As it was my very very very first Nude shoot I had it in my head I had to get some full nude photos taken to scratch it off the bucket list If I was to do another Nude shoot I think I would focus more on seeing if I could work with the models to get more creative and get some clothing involved to introduce textures like fur/feathers/rougher textiles and get some texture mixed into the photos what would work to contrast with the softness of skin. For the colour shots I could have done with using a reflector to get more light into the eyes face of the models, for the black and white I'd like to work on getting more low key stuff.  

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CecilBCecilB said, 1538651617

Keep on doing what you're doing with 'people naked' & you'll set a very high bar for the rest of us to jump over! You enjoy full control of your camera in macro, not an easy genre by any means, & now you've proved to yourself & your public that 'what the heck...I can do this too!' More please!