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My Home Studio

My new home in North Wiltshire!

Wooden floors, big windows, original features, very large rooms, quirky furniture and basic lighting equipment too! A great shooting space and just 10 minutes off the M4!

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Jeremy DyerJeremy Dyer said, 1509707781

WOW! The potential here is almost unlimited. Going to have to arrange a shoot soon.

angusaangusa said, 1509707055

Plenty of potential

DonC.DonC. said, 1451325242

It is this photographers dream shoot, such beautiful sets with the stunning Artemis Fauna. Doing justice to both will be almost impossible but luckily I will be trying to do just that soon! Such fantastic value I may have to make several bookings to get the results, the sets and the model deserve, life can be so hard!

A Scorpion ResidenceA Scorpion Residence said, 1448132263

One of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. I absolutely love it.