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(Here's a list of people I've worked with on PurplePort. Feel free to contact anyone for references.)



Here's some stuff. It's not an exhaustive list - t's a work in progress, as I track down links and stuff from around teh interwebs...


audio interview

2014 - Carter Lin's Podcast'DJ Cobalt 60 of Areopagitica Interviews Model, Photographer & Artist Rebecca Tun'. (sorry, link broken. watch this space, I'm trying to track down the interview again.)


two pages in 
'Lighting the Nude (Third Edition): Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets' by Steve Luck | RotoVision...2010 | with photos by Gregory Brown

two pages in 
'The Box: a typology of poses in a confined space' by photographer Eric KellermanGALERIE VEVAIS  2012

4 pages in 
'A Stretch of Imagination' by Rayment Kirby | blurb 2013

front cover and two pages in 
French edition of Lighting the Nude - 'L'eclairage Du Nu:...Installation, techniques de prises de vue et secrets de professionnelsby Steve Luck | DUNOD 2014

front and back cover of 
'MUSE' - book of poems by Keith Brighouse, 2015

two pages in 
Polaroiders Selection 'Naked Woman' #1curated by Alan Marcheselli & Carmen Palermo | Gallery "Raw Beauty" 2015

'Figures of Grace: 20 Years of Art Nude Photographyby Dave Rudin, 2017

'The Seduction of Curves' by Allan McRobie, Princeton 2017


SeptemberOctober and November in 
'Figures of Grace 2015: Iceland' by Dave Rudin

April and October in 
'SIMBIOSA 2016' by Thomas Bichler


various products in 
2015 - Joc et al, jewellery and accessories by Anna Affie, photography by Vern Ahua

2017 - Verda RoseTiara Crown on Etsy


2015 - Black & White Spider Awards 10th Photoshow - Honorable Mention: 'Nude, Iceland 01' by DAVE RUDIN

2016 - 'Behind locked door' by Håkon Grønning: GRAND SERBIA CIRCUIT 2016

2017 - PhotoShoot Awards-NUDE 2017: Bronze finalist, nature: Thomas Bichler

2017 - 26. Trierenberg Super Circuit - Silver medal: 'Pantry bench II' by Håkon Grønning

2017 - 'Tropical feeling' by Håkon Grønning: Gold medal in 2nd Circ. Exhibition of Photo. Drina 2017 Bijeljina, Bosnia & H. / Gold medal in 1st Circ. Exhibition of Photo. Drina 2017, Ugljevik, Bosnia & H. / Silver medal in 4th Cork International Salon of Photography, Ireland / Silver medal in Lofoten Exhibition of Photographic Art, Norway

2018 - koken.photoshootawards - NUDE 2018, 'INTIMATE' Bronze Finalist, :'Tropical feeling' by Håkon Grønning

documentary/interview video

2013 - 'Fashion Nude Photoshoot at the Stables' by Mark Fiddian

2014 - 'The Pleasure of Rope' by Bob Bentley

2015 - 'Becky - A Fashion Nude Phostoshoot' Mark Fiddian

2015 - 'A portrait of the British art nude model Rebecca Tunby Leif Allendorf

2015 - 'Interview mit Rebecca Tun - Ein Portrat des britischen Fotomodels Rebecca Tun' Leif Allendorf with German voiceover by Katrin Hamann

2015 - 'Models. Der Film (Trailer)' by Leif Allendorf


2013–2015 - Thomas Bichler „simbiosa … of woman, rocks & water“, Astorgano & Mai, Konstanz


6 page spread in 
Practical Photography Magazine 50th Anniversary Special...March 2009'Available Light Nudes' article with photographer Darren Harbar

pic in 
Vigore Magazine January 2012: 'Nina Pak: Artistic Symbolism' with artist Nina Pak

two pages in 
Style Magazine February 2012: 'Waterbabe' with photographer Vanessa Mills and MUA Tori Harris

page in 
Glam Couture March 2012: 'Bohemian Style' with photographer and designer Nina Pak

pic in 
New York..."Clear Nude" Magazine...summer 2014:...article on photographer MaxOperandi

pic in...
PHOTO Magazine France January-February 2015: photo by Dave Rudin

two page spread in 
Che Magazine August 2015: interview with photographer Thomas Bichler

music video

2012, 'Frequenz 2: The Unbearable Beauty Of Analogue (SFW version)' by Eigenfrequenz

2012, 'Frequenz 2: The Unbearable Beauty Of Analogue (NSFW version)by Eigenfrequenz

2012, 'Frequenz 4: Cloudburst Passion (SFW version)' by Eigenfrequenz

2012, 'Frequenz 4: Cloudburst Passion (NSFW version)by Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Frequenz 7: Subterranean (SFW version)' by Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Frequenz 7: Subterranean (NSFW version)' by Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Frequenz 9: The Terror Of The Infiniteby Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Frequenz 17: Aqueous Memory' Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Over Your Head (Explicit)' by...#TeamFoul

2014, 'Frequenz 8: The End Of The Line' Eigenfrequenz

2015, 'I do not want to go home!' by...SDP feat. Trailerpark

2016 'Sadeness (Part II)' by Enigma


pic in 
2012 - Mail Online: 'Bill Gates funds new machine did filter your toilet waste back into 'drinkable' water'

front cover of
2013 - 
French novel 'Les celibataires, Tome 1: Lord Scandaleby Emma Wildes

short film

character concept design:
2012, trailer: 'The Exquisite Tenderness of Santa Rosa de Lima' by Burke Roberts

character concept design:
2014, trailer: 'THE EXQUISITE TENDERNESS OF SANTA ROSA DE LIMA (TRAILER redux 2014)' by Burke Roberts

2014, 'The Rebirthshort concept film by Jan Cibula

2015, 'Revenge- a short film by Timur Atalay

2015, 'Museart film and poetry by Keith Brighouse

2015, 'After Muse/Kakkerlakkerart film and poetry by Keith Brighouse

2016 promotional trailer for Hallucinations Collectives film festival 2016

2016, 'and looking back' art film and poetry by Keith Brighouse


narrator in 
2015 - 'The Goldberg Papers (trailer)' a documentary by Leif Allendorf

webzine feature

photoset in 
2012 - C-Heads Magazine: photography by...Owen Melbourne

8 page spread in 
2013 -...PluzUltra Magazine Issue 26: 'Smoking Naked'...with photographer Adam Robertson

photoset in 
2014 - NIF magazine: 'Karma' by photographer Stefano Giorgi

pic in 
2015 - PhotoVogue: 'Rural beauty' by photographer...Bragi Kort

pic in 
2015 -...Dodho Magazine: 'SIMBIOSA BY THOMAS BICHLER'

pic in 
2015 - 

2016 - NUVU magazine: REBECCA by Red Your Blues

webzine interviews

2013 - 'REBECCA TUN | JUNNNKTANKinterview

2013 -...'Rebecca Tun Interviewedin Street Voice UK


 IMDb profile: Rebecca Tun



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