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(Here's a list of people I've worked with on PurplePort. Feel free to contact anyone for references.)



Here's some stuff. It's not an exhaustive list - it's a work in progress where I note things down if they come to my attention - a useful reference list for myself as much as anything else. Some ancient links may be broken! If you've worked with me and have something I could add to this list, let me know. Smile


audio interview

2014 - Carter Lin's Podcast'DJ Cobalt 60 of Areopagitica Interviews Model, Photographer & Artist Rebecca Tun'. (sorry, link broken. watch this space.)



two pages in 
'Lighting the Nude (Third Edition): Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets' by Steve Luck | RotoVision...2010 | with photos by Gregory Brown

two pages in 
'The Box: a typology of poses in a confined space' by photographer Eric KellermanGALERIE VEVAIS  2012

4 pages in 
'A Stretch of Imagination' by Rayment Kirby | 2013

front cover and two pages in 
French edition of Lighting the Nude - 'L'eclairage Du Nu:...Installation, techniques de prises de vue et secrets de professionnelsby Steve Luck | DUNOD 2014

front and back cover of 
'MUSE' - book of poems by Keith Brighouse, 2015

two pages in 
Polaroiders Selection 'Naked Woman' #1curated by Alan Marcheselli & Carmen Palermo | Gallery "Raw Beauty" 2015

'Figures of Grace: 20 Years of Art Nude Photographyby Dave Rudin, 2017

'The Seduction of Curves' by Allan McRobie, Princeton 2017

'Portfolio One' by Mike Brown, 2020

'By / Product' by Mike Nicoll, 2020

'simbiosa - Coffee-Table-Book #1' by Thomas Bichler, 2020


SeptemberOctober and November in 
'Figures of Grace 2015: Iceland' by Dave Rudin

April and October in 
'SIMBIOSA 2016' by Thomas Bichler



various products in 
2015 - Joc et al, jewellery and accessories by Anna Affie, photography by Vern Ahua

2017 - Verda RoseTiara Crown on Etsy



2015 - Black & White Spider Awards 10th Photoshow - Honorable Mention: 'Nude, Iceland 01' by DAVE RUDIN

2016 - 'Behind locked door' by Håkon Grønning: GRAND SERBIA CIRCUIT 2016

2017 - PhotoShoot Awards-NUDE 2017: Bronze finalist, nature: Thomas Bichler

2017 - 26. Trierenberg Super Circuit - Silver medal: 'Pantry bench II' by Håkon Grønning

2017 - 'Tropical feeling' by Håkon Grønning: Gold medal in 2nd Circ. Exhibition of Photo. Drina 2017 Bijeljina, Bosnia & H. / Gold medal in 1st Circ. Exhibition of Photo. Drina 2017, Ugljevik, Bosnia & H. / Silver medal in 4th Cork International Salon of Photography, Ireland / Silver medal in Lofoten Exhibition of Photographic Art, Norway

2017 - 5th Olympic Photo Circuit 2017 Greece, honourable mention 2: 'Mystical Becky' by Håkon Grønning

2017 - diploma in Olympic Circuit 2017 Greece: 'Exile' by Benny Rytter

2018 - honorable mention in 6th Greek Photographic circuit 2018: 'Exile' by Benny Rytter

2018 - koken.photoshootawards - NUDE 2018, 'INTIMATE' Bronze Finalist, :'Tropical feeling' by Håkon Grønning

2018 - Fiap Blue Badge gold medal in Serbien & Montenegro - VOJVODINA CIRCUIT 2018: 'Becky' by Benny Rytter

documentary/interview video

2013 - 'Fashion Nude Photoshoot at the Stables' by Mark Fiddian

2014 - 'The Pleasure of Rope' by Bob Bentley

2015 - 'Becky - A Fashion Nude Phostoshoot'...by Mark Fiddian

2015 - 'A portrait of the British art nude model Rebecca Tunby Leif Allendorf

2015 - 'Interview mit Rebecca Tun - Ein Portrat des britischen Fotomodels Rebecca Tun'...by Leif Allendorf with German voiceover by Katrin Hamann

2015 - 'Models. Der Film (Trailer)' by Leif Allendorf


2013–2015 - Thomas Bichler „simbiosa … of woman, rocks & water“, Astorgano & Mai, Konstanz


6 page spread in 
Practical Photography Magazine 50th Anniversary Special...March 2009'Available Light Nudes' article with photographer Darren Harbar

pic in 
Vigore Magazine January 2012: 'Nina Pak: Artistic Symbolism' with artist Nina Pak

two pages in 
Style Magazine February 2012: 'Waterbabe' with photographer Vanessa Mills and MUA Tori Harris

page in 
Glam Couture March 2012: 'Bohemian Style' with photographer and designer Nina Pak

pic in 
New York..."Clear Nude" Magazine...summer 2014:...article on photographer MaxOperandi

pic in...
PHOTO Magazine France January-February 2015: photo by Dave Rudin

two page spread in 
Che Magazine August 2015: interview with photographer Thomas Bichler

pic in...
Model Society Magazine: Issue 13, 2021: photo by Dave Rudin


music video

2012, 'Frequenz 2: The Unbearable Beauty Of Analogue (SFW version)' by Eigenfrequenz

2012, 'Frequenz 2: The Unbearable Beauty Of Analogue (NSFW version)by Eigenfrequenz

2012, 'Frequenz 4: Cloudburst Passion (SFW version)' by Eigenfrequenz

2012, 'Frequenz 4: Cloudburst Passion (NSFW version)by Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Frequenz 7: Subterranean (SFW version)' by Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Frequenz 7: Subterranean (NSFW version)' by Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Frequenz 9: The Terror Of The Infiniteby Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Frequenz 17: Aqueous Memory'...by Eigenfrequenz

2013, 'Over Your Head (Explicit)' by...#TeamFoul

2014, 'Frequenz 8: The End Of The Line'...by Eigenfrequenz

2015, 'I do not want to go home!' by...SDP feat. Trailerpark

2016 'Sadeness (Part II)' by Enigma



pic in 
2012 - Mail Online: 'Bill Gates funds new machine did filter your toilet waste back into 'drinkable' water'

front cover of
2013 - 
French novel 'Les celibataires, Tome 1: Lord Scandaleby Emma Wildes

short film

character concept design:
2012, trailer: 'The Exquisite Tenderness of Santa Rosa de Lima' by Burke Roberts

character concept design:
2014, trailer: 'THE EXQUISITE TENDERNESS OF SANTA ROSA DE LIMA (TRAILER redux 2014)' by Burke Roberts

2014, 'The Rebirthshort concept film by Jan Cibula

2015, 'Revenge- a short film by Timur Atalay

2015, 'Museart film and poetry by Keith Brighouse

2015, 'After Muse/Kakkerlakkerart film and poetry by Keith Brighouse

2016 promotional trailer for Hallucinations Collectives film festival 2016

2016, 'and looking back' art film and poetry by Keith Brighouse

2017 STAR FIRE by Femina Non Grata



narrator in 
2015 - 'The Goldberg Papers (trailer)' a documentary by Leif Allendorf



photoset in 
2012 - C-Heads Magazine: photography by...Owen Melbourne

8 page spread in 
2013 -...PluzUltra Magazine Issue 26: 'Smoking Naked'...with photographer Adam Robertson

photoset in 
2014 - NIF magazine: 'Karma' by photographer Stefano Giorgi

pic in 
2015 - PhotoVogue: 'Rural beauty' by photographer...Bragi Kort

pic in 
2015 -...Dodho Magazine: 'SIMBIOSA BY THOMAS BICHLER'

pic in 
2015 - 

2016 - NUVU magazine: REBECCA by Red Your Blues

2018 - WASEmagAlpine Nude Art by Thomas Bichler


webzine interviews

2013 - 'REBECCA TUN | JUNNNKTANKinterview

2013 -...'Rebecca Tun Interviewedin Street Voice UK


 IMDb profile: Rebecca Tun



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