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Sister and Brother Headshots - Angel and Liam

Headshot shoot at home of Model of the future

I had the great pleasure to meet Angel and Liam for a shoot at their lovely home in Eccles, near Manchester.I set up the lighting and had a few test shots with Angel. In a very short time we were finding her "signature look". A few outfit changes and lighting changes made time fly. Angel took direction brilliantly, quickly learning to find her light and pose. I think Angel has a really strong commercial look.Angel has ambitions in fashion modelling.Then quickly reset for Liam. I felt really short (I'm 5' 11") with Liam towering above me, so much so, I had to raise the backdrop to keep it out of frame. Liam was really involved as we played around with lighting and bounce position. I shoot tethered, so my clients can see results on a large screen as we shoot. I've never seen it before, but it kind of makes sense; Liam flipped the images to get the "selfie" view that was more familiar and natural to him.Angel, Liam and their family are absolutely lovely.If you have opportunities that you would like me to pass on, you can contact me via the contact form.Please take a look at my portfolio and get in touch to arrange your shoot.

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