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Shoots at Home

I live in a beautiful 3 story house in Sudbury with my partner LeonLift. It boasts great natural light, especially the living room, kitchen and upstairs dressing room. There's also a bedroom with beautiful light for bodyscapes and sensual boudoir/glamour. Also a bathroom with a walk in shower which works great too as it's black panelled. 

I do also have lighting equipment here too. A couple of stripboxes, a small soft box, a ring light and an umbrella too. 

It is £5p/h on top on my rate to shoot me here. Tea/Coffe/refreshments provided. 

Myself and Rob Rook run 1-2-1 workshops here where he gives tuition on how to utilise shooting natural light in a models home and also we run them on location too (beaches, towns, parks/gardens), anywhere suggested really. 

Contact me if you'd like to book a shoot here :)

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