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Being "sexy"

Funnily enough, contrary to outsiders beliefs and assumptions about nude/scantily clad modelling and it not taking much to make a "phoarr" image... Being "sexy" for pictures is a significant challenge of it's own! Of course there is always going to be a hint of subjectivity anyway about what passes as "sexy" but, like any style, it has a knack to it... And it's one style which will probably be executed differently by every model for a number of very relevant reasons. 

So here is a collection of images from my book which I believe portray that feel: sometimes in one way, sometimes another. Some images express a deliberate "cheekiness" whilst others are more subtle. Some play up to the camera whilst others blatantly ignore it... Not necessarily all undressed: degree of nakedness is not always the secret ingredient. But they, somehow, all have the element of "sexiness" reasonably in common so hopefully a useful collection of images for photographers that wish to see if I can suitably pull it off. Smile Maybe I'm pants at it, I'll survive! Tears of joy

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stunning collection of gorgeous images