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Great images from Artemisian Photographic Trips

Below is a collection of 799 images that have been added to the Great images from Artemisian Photographic Trips collection.

Walking Down the Beach

Images taken during the all inclusive luxury trips hosted abroad.

First trip was in June 2016, Portugal. :)

May/ June 2017- Carla Monaco (12 slots sold out in three days)

September 2017- Secret location shoot with myself (sold out)

October 2017- (sold out)


March 2018: Portugal 1-2-1 (sold out)

May/ June 2018- Carla Monaco (12 slots sold in 12 hours! 4 extra places had to be added due to demand) (sold out)

September/ October 2018- Ayla Rose and Ivory Flame (sold out)

November 2018- Portugal 1-2-1


March/ April 2019- 1-2-1 trip with me 

May/June 2019- Carla Monaco Tuscany (sold out)

September/ October 2019- Tuscany with Cariad and Siren


April 2020- Morocco with Ivory Flame

May 2020- Sicily with Ivory Flame and Carla Monaco hopefully! 

September/ October 2020- Lanzarote Model TBC

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