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Wildlife Photography

This group is owned by PhotoClassic and was created 1329251782. It is open to the public and currently has 29 members.

1.  Please post only images and topics related to wildlife photography - animals, birds, insects, fish, equipment, locations, expedition gear, clothing, tools, travel advice - anything, so long as it is of use or interest to a community of photographers interested in wildlife photography.

2. When posting images, please include as much of the following information to help other members understand how the shot was achieved:

  • Focal Length
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • Whether the subject is fully wild, free-living but baited in (by food or calling device), or a captive animal
  • Location (no need to be specific - an area will do)
  • Other equipment used (eg hide, tripod, monopod, balloon, microlight, boat, space shuttle)
  • Any special techniques used (eg composite slicing macros shots, stitched images, reversing rings, etc)

3. Keep it civil - let the animals do the eating each other alive stuff!


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