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Studio Adverts // Deals // Special Offers

This group is owned by Andy... and was created 1407315059. It is open to the public and currently has 45 members.

A place Retail (not home) Studio owners can post about your services or special deals etc (had my knuckles rapped already) and was told to make a casting call, which is a ballache when you need one for models, one for photographers, one for mua's etc... hence, this public group that can be read by everyone, including the public.

TWO RULES.  1) Play nice, wanna bitch, do it somewhere else.  2) Threads MUST be studio related - announcements, studio prices, specials, or studio news - eg: loyalty cards, new vouchers, someone added a wetroom, new opening hours etc...

Apologies for the removed images box, PP admin would like you to please use the Events system instead, link to images OFF PP advertising group shoots unless you are a studio and it's appropriate for you to post them directly on PP.  So you can post about it, link to it, link from it, write about it, but not upload images OF it :\ ... unless you are a studio - kinda whacky but there it is.

That's it - This group is INTERNATIONAL like the rest of PP, so lets see posts up from everywhere :)

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