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Online magazine submissions


Hi all.

So as a model I have always loved it when photographers have submitted images from our shoots to online magazines. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea (people say it's not fair as no one gets paid etc), but I am all for sharing the love and creativity!

So first question to photographers: what online magazines have you submitted to and been sucessful?

And secondly, models: what online magazines would you love to be published in?

photo_fun84 said, 1570570982

Lv 23 mag


My Alternative mag


Inkd barbie

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Brian Lewicki said, 1570572298

Lv 23 mag


Photo shoots magazine

Xpressions magazine

Elusive Dreams

A few others that I forget.

RayL said, 1570572371

Hey Holly,

So I've had my work in 

Next Door Model
Coy Culture (a few times, another set is going up soon)
Artizians magazine

but others you might be interested is


There are others.

DavidP said, 1570572390

Practical Photography :)

BigBaldTone said, 1570572497



Xpressions Magazine

Claret said, 1570573273

I submitted and had work published in Femme Rebelle, Bombshell Magazine and Pinup Worship Magazine. Not currently interested in submitting to any magazine - who knows if that might change again in future. :)

Lee Cartwright said, 1570583840

I shot for Inkd Barbie which ticked off my 'published in an online magazine' achievement box.

Got the tiny bit of exposure and bought a hard copy of the magazine to show friends once in a while.

I wouldn't do it again though as I don't feel there's anything else to gain from it.

Golding said, 1570584633

I had a front cover recently on Dominate Me mag (Latex shot)

I don't think it got me even a single follower, (got the model plenty though I guess) But for all the hassle in sending in certain sized images and filling in all the forms I really don't think it was worth the bother. I don't think i'd go to the hassle again.

indemnity said, 1570584970

Never submitted, cba, although muas and models have submitted and had plenty published, it's a bit of a hollow and worthless achievement imho.

Brian Lewicki said, 1570592403

Golding said

............ I don't think i'd go to the hassle again.

Yes, it does take a fair bit of involvement to submit as there is no standardisation in how images are submited, using the Kavyar system seems to be quite straightforward though https://kavyar.com/get-published

In the past I've had to submit low res first, low res with my name in the file name, via email only, via Dropbox Wetransfer only etc etc, it all gets a little tiresome, and then you get a "Not this time" message after an extended period or no message at all and you are in limbo until you finally forget you even submitted at all, and all for no payment. 

RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy) said, 1570593586

I got into submitting photos a few months ago as part of a collab shoot I did as the other team members were interested in submitting to magazines. That got me into it and now I do it where possible as an extra step for TF shoots to just publishing online. I submit via the Kavyar site too and have been published in Trend Prive, Shuba, Ellements, Elegant, IMirage, Surreal and New Face. Personally I enjoy it. It took me ages to submit the first time, but after that the system is pretty easy and doesn’t take long to submit. The most time consuming part for me is reading each mag’s criteria to see if my images fit. It’s also a bit of a pain not being able to post the images anywhere until after publication which can sometimes be a month or two ahead. I’ve got work from a couple of months back which I still haven’t been able to add here yet. I also don’t know which magazines are considered the best ones to try to get work into. I have been going by Instagram followings and trying those mags with 50-200k followers. Personally I prefer print to web editorials.

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PaulSH said, 1570599797

I got some images published in Inked Barbie once. I also travelled to Holland to shoot with a lovely model there....just so I could call myself an internationally published photographer :) :) :)

Brian Lewicki said, 1570599827

RR Photographic

Looking at your portfolio I can see why you submit to magazines, your images are very strong indeed and certainly far superior to anything I have produced, lovely work.

RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy) said, 1570607876

@thanks for the kind words. You have great work! I just submit because I enjoy it.

Holly Alexander Photography said, 1570609353

Thanks everyone!

There are a few I recognise from being published as a model, I am going for more strong, quirky fashion stuff in future shoots as a photographer so excited, I can see why some people don't bother, but as has been said it's just a next level for my tf shoots :)