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This group is owned by Peliroja Stephie and was created 1429097985. It is open to the public and currently has 187 members.

Group Rules -

This group is for Fuji addicts only ! If you feel you are a Fuji addict and can stand up and say"my name is .......... I am a Fuji addict then apply to join Fujiholics. We are not interested in people that just dabble in Fuji. Weekend recreational users need not apply, this is a group for addicts only !

This is a friendly group, more about the banter and images than anything else, there will be no Critique unless specifically requested.

Its all about current and future X Series cameras and the people that use them, to showcase their images and share ideas.

No gratuitous self promotion, we all know who each other are, its an invite only group. So no need to splash your websites and blogs on here every day, there are plenty of places and groups for that ! The odd post about what you are up to or an event is fine, if you are not sure message me.

We have some great plans for the group for the future with meetups and Fuji days, and weekends, as well as Photowalks etc

This group is public but we like to have smaller numbers for better communication.

Ego's and people that constantly cause or provoke arguments or try to disrupt the group will be removed without discussion. This is not the place for customer service issues, Fuji have a fantastic customer service procedure so please follow it.

Check out our guide to posting in groups.