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Studio Workshop - Fill Light - Where & Why

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RJ Bradbury Photography Studio is looking for members to attend their workshop. It's based around RJ Bradbury Photography, Unit 1, Grnd Floor, Woodbank Works, Turncroft Lane,Stockport, Stockport SK1 4AR, UK Added 1570142094.

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Studio Workshop

Fill Light – Where & Why

Booking Link - https://www.rjbradbury.com/photographytraining/filllightworkshop 

Date: Wed 16th Oct 2019
Time: 7:15 – 10:15pm
Price: £27
Model: https://purpleport.com/portfolio/emred

In this workshop we will get to know our good friend fill. Sure, shadows can be cool and dramatic but sometimes they can cause problems and need a little help from fill. During this workshop we will focus on the where and why of using fill light to help control contrast and show shape and form. Grab your gear and come and meet fill.

Gear Needed

1. Camera with hot shoe.
2. Portrait lenses and a wide angle if you want to take any setup shots.
3. Memory cards and batteries.

Let’s get back to learning this amazing craft called photography. Rick

Booking Link - https://www.rjbradbury.com/photographytraining/filllightworkshop