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Perfectly Pastel @THE BOARDROOM a duo day with Marie-Jean Taylor and Elle J

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Elle J is looking for members to attend their paid studio day. It's based around Derbyshire, UK Added 1565631278.

This event is on Friday, September 6th.

Myself and Marie-Jean Taylor have a great line up for you all!

Showcased at the Boardroom Studio DERBY this is a one time only event.

‘Perfectly Pastel’ will showcase beautiful soft pastel toned looks throughout the whole day with lighting by Phil Lynam which is set to include a pastel gel lighting set up for that high fashion look!

Marie is on both makeup and styling for the day and has secured two amazing designers to showcase at this event. With bespoke jewellery by Flamingo Jewellery and gowns by Katherine Davidson as well as other looks throughout the event.

From clean chic fashion looks with clean lines and tailored to whimsical dreamy looks with Katherine Davidson gowns and a beauty set up!

Soft doll like pastel toned makeup and soft tousled waved hair to pull these looks off high finish!

We are splitting the day into two sections. A group run for five hours with full assistance at hand and a couple of 1-2-2 slots available for those who prefer it.

Group is a maximum of six photographers priced at just £120pp which includes EVERYTHING from styling to lighting and both model fees for that five hours. Group to be run from 9:30am-2:30pm with light refreshments included.

1-2-2 sessions are hourly at £60pp



This is the perfect space to hold pot dreamy high key and pastel gel lit day with it being such a beautiful floor to ceiling white Georgian room!

To book a place on our exclusive group event or a 1-2-2 slot message myself, Marie-Jean Taylor or feel free to contact the Boardroom studio directly to secure your place.

Deposits of 50% are required to secure your place on booking.