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£50 per photographer for a 4 hour shoot with 5 models in a beautiful location!

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5 people are attending this event.

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Daria Pipczynska is looking for members to attend their group shoot. It's based around Lincolnshire, UK Added 1565077081.

This event is on Sunday, September 1st.

At this event we will be keeping the group numbers extremely low (2-3 photographers maximum). The event is based in a beautiful guest house near Louth. Teas, coffees and biscuits included! Get in touch and I'll add you to the Facebook page so you can see all the models and location!

Steve Coomes said, 1565107544

Hi, could you please send me detail of this shoot. I am based in south Lincolnshire & know Louth quite well.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Cosmonaut said, 1565597710

Is that 2 to 3 photographers per model or for the whole event?May be interested depending on location and which models are going to be present.

Daria Pipczynska said, 1565603292

We have a fb page and an instagram with images of all models and also our next beautiful location �� we are called: south_ormsby_pop_up_studios

Hopefully this helps! :)

Looking forward to seeing some of you at this event!

Daria Pipczynska said, 1565603602


Bruce830 said, 1565610953

Going to this - I went to the last one - it was great!  It's 2/3 photographers per model - no sharp elbows required!