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Brighton Studio Day

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Harleigh Slaughter is looking for members to attend their paid studio day. It's based around Brighton, UK Added 1556639498.

This event is on Friday, May 24th.


I am hosting a studio day in Brighton with 7 slots available between 10 and 6.

I am a trained makeup artist and hair stylist and can change my look up (within reason) between shoots. I have a huge collection of wardrobe so get in touch for the style you aim to shoot and I'll make sure I have it available. 

Art nude

Get in touch with ideas.

Each hour slot is £50 which includes model and studio hire. Please message for more details. A 50% non refundable deposit will be taken at time of booking to confirm your slot.

Studio; Tichbourne Studio, Brighton.

Included in the hire:


  • 2  500w Bowens and 4 300w Studio flash lights s-type fit. Softboxes, strip box, umbrellas, various reflectors and modifiers, beauty dish, Colour gels, polyboard reflectors, wireless and cabled sync
  • 4 800w Arri Redhead lights for continuous lighting. With colour gels, colour correction and diffuser paper.

Paper backgrounds:

  • 2.72m wall mounted Colorama paper backgrounds in:
  • White
  • Black
  • Barley
  • Carnation Pink
  • Crimson Red
  • Sunflower Yellow
  • Maize Yellow
  • Larkspur Light blue
  • Primary Blue
  • Chroma Green Screen. 
  • Other Colorama backdrops available upon request. 

(We charge the usual studio fee of £10 per metre for the paper that gets stood on)


We also have a white brick wall to shoot against, a collection of stools, chairs, a small black sofa and white wooden plinths.

I am a very relaxed model with years of experience within studios and shooting location. I am open to new and experienced photographers and look forward to getting creative with everyone!