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Popular *ONE LIGHT* workshop coming to AURA studio hosted by Chris Conway

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Amie Boulton is looking for members to attend their paid tuition. It's based around Newmarket CB8, UK Added 1550330389.

This event is on Saturday, June 22nd.

Are you looking for inspiration and new ways to make your lighting more creative using just a single light?

If so then this could be right up your street! :-)

On the morning of Saturday 22nd June, I will be modelling at AURA studioin Newmarket where lighting guru Chris Conway will be hosting one of his absolute favourite workshops - dedicated to the art of manipulating simple light for creative results. This is priced at just £75 per person and fully tutored throughout!

This will run from 10-2pm and is suitable for photographers of all levels. You'll be covering a wide range of lighting set-ups and styles, all based around the use of a single flash. You'll be amazed to know just how many forms of lighting you can do with just 1 light source.

Whether you own a just one speedlite / studio head, or just like to keep things simple - this is the course for you. Almost 30 variations on a single light set-up will be demonstrated. This includes gel lighting, creating depth and texture with shadows and *faking* much more complex arrangements.

Throughout the day Chris will explain the lighting theory in a technical way, whilst putting it in to practice for those that like to learn visually. You'll get the chance to photograph me 1-1 on each change of lighting. This means that you will also leave with a great selection of portraits to add to your own photography portfolio as well as stacks of knowledge.

The images below show just 2 of the set-ups Chris will be covering, straight from camera.

Recommended equipment for the workshop would be a DSLR with a standard hot-shoe, plus ideally a portrait lens. 85mm (or equivalent) is perfect, but anything from 50mm-135mm will be fine.

We will be running another event (A long exposure portfolio builder) in the afternoon for anyone looking to make a full day of it you can find the details for that event here:-

These are always popular events and plenty of fun!

For full information on this event please 'click here'

There is now just 5 places remaining!

I you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. Smile