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Availability for 2021 and 2022

Rosa Brighid is looking to be paid by a photographer or a studio or a artist/painter for this casting. Added 1632234170.

This casting is based around...
Birmingham, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Bristol, City of, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Caerdydd, Cardiff, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom which is Get directions
London, United Kingdom which is Get directions

This casting has expired.

Well its been a while since i put up a casting, but i feel its the right time. Life is beginning to feel more normal now, and i feel excited to announce my availability for photoshoots across the UK and abroad.

My aim is to take on select shoots only that i feel i can be 100 percent committed too, i have a few shoots in the diary and its given me butterflies in my stomach, i needed to take a break because of the pandemic, and having recently moved into a new house, a little settling in time was also needed. 

Im in super shape and happy to travel, with a large wardrobe full of clothes i haven't worn for modelling yet! I won't need to invest in any new items for a while which is fantastic. It's awesome to be prepared! 

So if you're keen to work with me on a paid basis, please send me a message and ill be happy to discuss things further with you. 

Whether it's art nude, glamour, commercial or fashion, i haven't lost my edge, it would be a shame to not have returned after the pandemic, heres a few images of me with little/or no editing, my skin is super clear and my enthusiasm to work hard in front of the camera is still burning bright. 

Thanks for reading! It feels great to be back. Honestly so raring to go, i have worked on myself so much recently so have alot of great energy to give to the modelling world! 


Oh yes, my rate is 40 per hour plus travel :-) 




I'm a 29yr old Female, full time model and have more than 10 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Bristol, City of, United Kingdom. Map