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Remote - if you haven't tried it yet, get tuned in!

Keira Lavelle is looking to be paid by a photographer or a studio or a artist/painter for this casting. Added 1613487375.

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This casting has expired.

Tuesday greetings - or whichever day it is/wherever you are! HI!


< YES      *Have you remotely shot yet?*      NO > 

*Have you remotely shot with me yet?*                >*Let's shoot - your friendly neighbourhood Keira at your service!*           

< YES            NO >  ^                                                                           

                          *LETS DO IT AGAIN! :D *                                                                                                                                                                       


Re-wind back to the start of the pandemic - remote shooting in it's early stages... I was sceptical - I'll admit that! I love the face-value teamwork vibe of meeting other people, the *real* high-five when you nail that shot, the excited running around to grab an outfit/prop and running back to show the other person because you just had a brainwave, mooching through the back of the camera with a big grin. I did wonder how could that be replaced? *NEWSFLASH* Remote shooting isn't here to replace that, and we will do it again!  This is simply a brand-new means of adapting so that actually: our creativity doesn't have to die. :) And actually: we can still chat/bounce off other people in this bubble and remind ourselves that there are *others* like us out there. :D

I'm fully kitted out with both my home (flooded with natural light all day because I live on a hill) and a separate private building consisting of a studio/white room area and office space downstairs from this. My equipment range is as follows:

Canon 5DMiv camera body + tripod

85mm 1.4 prime lens

28-300 zoom lens 

Parabolic/softbox continuous light pair

14 inch ring light (2 colour temperatures) 

4 x LED gel floodlights (12 prominent colour settings)

Portable LED cordless light and soft box modifier

2 x small fill lamps

Reflector (gold/silver white)


"But it's limiting shooting remotely..."   "But you can't be as creative..."   "But it's poor quality..."



If you are willing to give it a go - fair play! :D Just enter with a fresh mind - avoid comparisons to in-person shooting and enjoy the process for what it is. Connecting with a friendly professional model of ten years who is more than happy to help with light and run around to get you the images you want, contributing ideas, taking care of hair and makeup to a high standard and even building/assembling sets and providing unique crystal lingerie collections entirely bespoke. :)


My levels - clothed to full frontal nude including light fetish styles and non-explicit erotic (no graphic open leg).

My rates - 2-3 hours = £45 per hour, 4 hours flat (recommended for doing both locations in one shoot) = £160 flat.

My availability - This week as I've taken time to finish my latest crystal lingerie set (juicy range) and catch up on references Wednesday and Thursday currently have availability, I can also shoot at the weekend. Select dates over the rest of Feb/into March... When lockdown eases my availability may decrease if I become able to travel again and in-person assignments get rescheduled.

I use Zoom and Canon utilities to work remotely - if you've never done a remote shoot then don't worry... You won't just be thrown to the sharks from the word go. I will send you a zoom invite a little before the shoot to go over things and make sure you're happy with the controls. 

Able to connect to anywhere in the world - I selected a few places to reach out as far as possible. Unfortunately I am only limited to 5 options. :) 

Video tour of my locations:



I'm a 30yr old Female, full time model and have more than 10 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. Map