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Adult performers for sci-fi/fetish web series - NSFW

DarksideMedia is looking to pay a model for this casting. The casting is only open to female models. It's based around London, United Kingdom Added 1587250544.

This casting is closed.

Our production arm, Darkside Media, is currently writing a sci-fi/fetish/fantasy web series, due to start filming early 2021. it's pretty ambitious! As it stands, it's currently a web series made up of 9 half-hour episodes, and is an unashamed blend of the old Barbarella Comics (you may need to look that up!), Star Wars, and elements of comedy and drama thrown in for good measure.

Set in a galaxy where the Goddesses peacefully rule, Valoria, a Goddess of the Third Order, is called to save her home planet of Fetishworld when it comes under attack from an unknown enemy! She is sent on this mission with the help of Luxx, her young inexperienced Goddess in training.

We are looking for adult performers to take part. Part range from our two female leads to other characters and background performers. Experience isn't necessary, unless you are one of the main characters, in which case acting ability will be required.

Okay, so a bit about the leads...

Valoria is a Goddess and warrior. Aged around 25-34, she is experienced in warfare, domination and lovemaking in equal measure, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish her mission. Cynical, dominant (as any Goddess would be) but with a seductive side, she is fierce and brave, with much wisdom.

Luxxis a trainee Goddess and under the supervision of Valoria. She is sexy, feisty, young (about 18-24) and brave, although she lacks the wisdom in knowing when to fight and when not to fight. She is easily distracted and swayed, often falling into temptation to fulfil her desires.

What do we need from our two leads?

This is where it may (or may not) become difficult! Our leads will need to be able to have a reasonable ability to act, and also have a willingness to get physical, being choreographed for fight scenes etc. There will also be some nudity required, and the occasional softcore sex scenes with both genders (and maybe an alien or two, depending on the script). This would all be done tastefully and in service to the story and setting, and NOT done as a porn movie just for the sake of it. Again, if this is not something you would want to do, don't worry as there will be many other parts available. We aim to make this as professional as possible and of course this applies to all those taking part, in front or behind the camera.

About the process...

We aim to start filming early 2021, a long way off I know, but this takes an awful lot of writing and planning. We expect the project to take around two months to shoot. We aren't sure of locations just yet but this will become clearer as the writing continues. We need to secure funding which we hope to achieve on Patreon or Kickstarter, but assuming this happens, we will pay our lead roles an agreed amount.

In the meantime, we will look at our options for the leads, and hold auditions later in the year. A video would be useful, talking to camera, as a way of shortlisting the auditionees.

Where will it be shown?

We expect this will show online and possibly on DVD, although this has yet to be confirmed. We aren't looking at this as a commercial venture, just a passion project, although we do need to raise funds to make it all happen!

Anyhow, having read all that, if this still interests you, please do get back to me.

Kind regards,

Paul Donnelly


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