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**Woke up this morning with an idea for a photo shoot**

Toni Lee is looking for a photographer or a model or a make-up artist or a photoshop wizard or a stylist or a hair stylist or a designer to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Ryde, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Added 1582476186.

This casting is closed.

Don't know how to make this idea a reality but i would love to work with people that think this idea would be as amazing as i think it will be!

Dressing up as Disney princess's but in modern day clothing and in the modern world (so Mulan with a face mask on, Ariel in thick oil, Elsa on one single ice burg and Alice down a dark alley way drinking/taking drugs) There is so many ideas that we can do!  I would love to discuss all the ideas i have with people and hopefully we can come up with some incredible images with powerful meanings on real life situations.

Look forward to hearing from some like-minded people soon,

Toni Lee

I'm a 26yr old Female, hobbyist model and have around 11 months experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Ryde, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom. Map