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Naked music - NSFW

bad john is looking to pay a model for this casting. The casting is only open to female models. Added 1580582897.

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This casting is closed.

Virus update: obviously no shooting at the moment considering the situation.  You may still apply and I will consider you and may contact you once things return to normal.  

An on-going interest of mine is nudity and music.  I set up the group: Naked Music.  I would like to contribute more to it.  

So, I am interested in models who have and can play, or realistically pose with, musical instruments.  I will only be shooting stills not video so you will not really need to play but I would like the poses to be realistic.  In some shots, you would not be pretending to play e.g. coming on or off stage or resting with the instrument.  

Of course, as the title suggests, you must be willing to work to art nude level.  Adult is not required but implied or topless is too restrictive.  I might include some SFW images but the shoot will be mostly or entirely nude.  

Ideally you will be slim with small breasts and have no tattoos, piercings, nail extensions, hair colouring or extensions, or any other extras - just you. Note that for many instruments, especially string instruments, being able to authentically pose as if you were playing will require short fingernails; this is my preference anyway.  I am flexible on other attributes e.g. age, ethnicity, height, hair colour, etc.  Pubic hair: preferably all or nothing - no landing strips, heart shapes, etc. I may make exceptions if you have an interesting instrument or really can play it.  

My budget is not large.  I am willing to pay your standard rate (preferably one listed in your portfolio) and reasonable travel but I would not offer to pay travel from a large distance away or travel a large distance to you.  

It would be good if you could work from home.  Of course, a studio would allow better results but it would be good to practice with a home shoot first.  This is especially important if you are not a serious player and need some practice to pose well with the instrument.  So, a likely plan is a short home shoot and, if that goes well, a longer studio shoot later.  

If you have access to a location with a nice looking piano, especially a grand piano, then I would be especially interested.  

I have some instruments of my own: clarinet, saxophone, and violin.  So if you have some experience of these instruments but don't have one then I might be interested.  

I am particularly interested in other instruments which are commonly used in classical music e.g. cello or flute.  

I am not particularly interested in the guitar.  There are already plenty of guitar images on the site.  Similarly, I am not interested in pop / rock drum kits.  

I often work with my wife good grace.  Let me know if you are happy or unhappy with that.  She will not shoot herself.  She assists with poses and ideas.  

For examples, see my music album.  

When applying, please include your rates, whether or not you can shoot from home, and nearby locations (remember the nudity requirement) or studios that we may be able to use.  

bad johnPhotographer

I am a hobbyist photographer and have more than 6 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Stratford-upon-Avon CV37, UK. Map