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Looking for an animal photographer

Lucyyy is looking to pay a photographer for this casting. Added 1573159087.

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For once I am not looking for a shoot for me to model!

My mother has decided to pay for a photoshoot of our dog as a Christmas present for me and my husband but she's left finding a photographer upto me. 

But I don't know where to start looking for a photographer so I thought I would use the casting facility!

This absolutely needs to be an experienced animal photographer because our dog is jet black (difficult to shoot, for me at least when I try!) and a very bouncy and excitable 2 year old. She doesn't sit still for very long and is not the best at following commands so she might be really tricky to shoot!

As I'm (my mother) looking to pay someone for this shoot, I'm really looking for the most experienced and best I can find to capture our fuzzbutt at her best.

If you think you could help in the run up to Christmas, please get in touch. 

We would be looking to arrange for the beginning of December as I am away having medical treatment till then.


Lucy and Ivy (the mutt) 


I'm a 90yr old Female, hobbyist model and have around 4 months experience. I work for trade.

I'm based in York, United Kingdom. Map