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ONLY 4 SPACES REMAINING Jake Hicks Gel Lighting Workshop | Saturday 3rd November

Synergy photography studio is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. It's based around Livingston, UK Added 1538320644.

This casting is closed.

ONLY 4 SPACES REMAINING Jake Hicks Gel Lighting Workshop | Saturday 3rd November




There are only 4 spaces Availabke for Jake Hicks  gel lighting workshop on the 3rd November 2018. We already have a lot of interest so please get in contact to secure your space.



£299 per person

Non refundable deposit of £99

Maximum 10 delegates.

Model | Simone Stocks

Here are just some of the topics I will be covering on the day


Subjective lighting

Let go of some of the rules of traditional lighting to create bold statements with colour.

Essential lighting techniques to consider when using coloured gels

Creating saturated and bold colours as well as how to create softer subtler coloured looks with equipment you already have.


The fundamentals of colour theory

Why colour theory is so important and how powerful it can be when used properly. How to apply colour theory with not only the lighting but with what your client or subject is wearing and the environment you're in.

Learning how to fully control and manipulate light with advanced setups

We'll be in a fully equipped studio but we will also look at how we can reproduce these looks in far smaller studio spaces like home studios with limited kit.


Further details

The course will be kept to a small group of 10 so there will be plenty of time for hands-on shooting for everybody. On the day of the workshop I'll be explaining in detail some of my most popular and sought after coloured lighting techniques. We'll start off by looking at how we can add interest with colour to your standard studio lighting shots, then we'll be covering strong edge lighting techniques with gels and then finish up with a setup which involves a highly saturated colour wash. Throughout the day I will encouraging everybody to ask questions and I will be covering how to overcome some of the classic pitfalls usually encountered with gelled lighting.


Everybody will get a chance to shoot on each of the set-ups and everybody will walk away from the day with plenty of killer shots.


Please message the studio to secure your space


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