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7 Deadly Sins: Avarice - NSFW

GlossyPinkLipstick G.P.L is looking for a model to fill this collaboration casting. The casting is only open to female models. It's based around Harlow, Essex, UK Added 1538113187.

As part of my 7 Deadly Sins Challenge this casting is for Avarice

First let me say that I will only outline the idea for this shoot because it seems that some people are intent in copying them.

Whilst it's flattering it's also infuriating that they have no morals or inspiration of their own other than to rip it straight off.

I will discuss the look once i have found an appropriate model.

I will also possibly shoot this with more than one model until I find an image that sells the shot without explanation.

A friend has kindly produced matching book covers with the deadly sins printed on them so the book will be in each image to remove ambiguity and give them a joined up theme.

Gluttony will go up soon an you will see what I have done.



(extreme greed for wealth or material gain."he was rich beyond the dreams of avarice"synonyms:greedacquisitivenesscupidity, covetousness, avariciousness, rapacity, rapaciousness, graspingness, materialism, mercenariness; )

Rich gold tones, diamante or deep jewel-colour accents
Leaning forwards, hands buried in heaps of jewellery/gems, or letting the items drip and fall from fingers, maybe raised to lips.
Or draped in lots of gold chains, with hands fisted, grasping them, maybe metallic drapes
Gold-foil chrome-type nails, diamante

Or something Else


Shooting is to me is a creative love and eternal passion, I don't do it for the money, or the glory so I always give 110%


Looking for a model wanting to work on a fully collaborative basis to all levels you have listed if required.

Not interested in models with limited TF levels and with rates for higher levels


I am a serious semi-professional.


SHOOTS SPACES~  I can shoot in a small space with a plain wall of any colour.

I can shoot anywhere and despite what you think everyone has space but it may not be possible to shoot certain styles and shots.

Don't worry about the light that’s my job and I have all the gear.

You will need to be able to shoot from HOME


On the day I try to arrive at every shoot around 10 am depending on traffic and I use a Sat-Nav. That way you get your beauty sleep and so do me (for me it's a lost cause though).


Generally my availability is shown on my purpleport diary. If you can do a free date please get in touch.

You will see Sundays are my shoot day and I lob in occasional Saturdays (family Day) so not often.

Do not be deterred by how far I book in advance, I always have days open up and such is the nature of this stuff. I will do my utmost to find you a convenient shoot date

See My Albums -That's what I shoot!

I have NO hang-ups but I don't shoot porn or open leg.


I use Light room and Photoshop and always try and flatter you, whatever the shoot is! I always send you edited images.

I won’t give you them straight from camera on the day either, that's not a finished photo!

I normally use Drop-box to send you're images that way there are no issues with email sizes.

I am a hobbyist photographer and have more than 9 years experience. I work for trade.

I'm based in Harlow, Essex, UK. Map

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