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"Human Barcode" A documentary in progress

Stelios Choustoulakis is looking for a model or a studio to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Bristol BS1, UK Added 1537437240.

This casting starts on Thursday, November 1st and expires on Monday, December 31st.

Human Barcode

"Human Barcode" is a documentary in progress about people dealing with self-harm.
Raise awareness, share your story, anonymously.

The idea behind this documentary is that each person dealing with self harm is carrying wounds (physical & emotional) which are unique, in the same way a barcode is unique. But at the same time these wounds are the thing that is common to all people dealing with self harm, the common factor which allows people to visually recognize and empathize (almost instantaneously) with others.The goal of "Human Barcode" is to raise awareness about self harm, especially to people currently dealing with this issue. I think that all people carrying (physical and emotional) scars have something in common: to be able to feel better about who they are and how they feel. So I thought that I might not "understand" this, but the least I can do is offer myself and others the opportunity to hear to what they have to say to me and publish these stories (anonymously), in order for other people dealing such issues to feel stronger and "less alone".  

A few information about the execution:
"Human Barcode" evolves in 3 parts:

  1. Interview
  2. Photoshoot
  3. Filming

Interviews would be conducted with sound recording and sound recording alone. Each person will be just given the opportunity to tell their story. No script, no judgement, just me listening to their story.
Photoshoot: The main idea is for the limbs of the person carrying marks/scars to be photographed and presented as if they were detached from the rest of the human body, as if they where pieces of meat sold in the meat market. So it would be just the photo of one arm, or one thigh, or whichever other part, photographed and presented in black background. At the same time if the person is flexible for more shots, I'd try more flexible visual ideas. But this is totally dependent on whether the person wishes to remain anonymous or not.

Filming: In case someone is comfortable about sharing their story in front of the camera, a basic camera and microphone setup would be present during the Interview.

Ι am at your disposal for any further clarifications and information.

I am a part time photographer and have more than 6 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Bristol BS1, UK. Map