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Project of self-discovery

Miss Luna Lustre is looking for a photographer to fill this collaboration casting. Added 1535105549.

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I'm part of a poorly wives club...fairly self-explanatory in that the majority of male friends in my friendship circle who are in good health seem to have married women who have struggling health, or are somehow reliant on medication. And no, it's not a fetish thing, but love which has brought these people together and unfortunate coincidences striking their lives. It's more of a metaphorical thing than an actual club.
Very recently, we lost one of our own, a wonderful, supportive friend, young mother of 3 children after a long battle with cancer and it really hurt. A few years ago, I was dying of kidney failure and the thought of death didn't scare me at all, but the thought of the pain my death would cause others terrified me (eg family, the odd friend who verbally informed me during my failing kidney that they cared about me so much etc). Witnessing the pain and grief my friends went through at the loss of this friend brought me home with a bump and, although it might sound a touch arrogant, I felt like I was watching the aftermath of what would have happened if my body had failed me before I had a donor kidney.

This got me thinking, long and hard. Since the beginning of my illness and then my recover, I've delved (hidden) in the world of creativity and celebrated aspects of my personality through burlesque, cosplay and live action role play. But...what about the model I put in front of the camera. The flesh and bones I work with. What

The project

Therefore, I'm looking for a photographer who is happy to work on a tfp basis to help me put together a selection of photos celebrating the body I live in and who I am eg my blue hair, my tattoos and my kidney transplant scar. I want raw photos of me and images which represent me. Kind of a project of self-discovery. I may even go a little creative, use contact lenses, add colour to my face to express the colours I feel inside. That kind of thing. 

What's in it for you

Getting photos for your own portfolio with a model who's dedicated, professional, but also enjoys being social and having a laugh during the shoot. I like to think my references reflect this :)


I've compiled a small mood board, a selection of poses or atmospherical images, with each image numbered. Please contact me with the number(s) you'd be interested in working on.

NOTE: please don't contact me offering glamour, open legged shots or nude for the sake of it. I want to get raw, but not to FMH standards.


I'm happy to shoot at mine for a more natural settings and I'm happy to consider studio shoots. However, I live in Chesham the very end of the met line, so please bear this in mind when applying.


Weekdays are preferable. I work mornings so the shoot would have to take place after 12pm. Weekends are possible but these are usually saved for personal/family time


Let me know if you have any questions that ideally haven't already been answered here or within my profile. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you! Frankie

I'm a 35yr old Female, full time model and have more than 6 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in London, UK. Map