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Fantasy Crew/Party/Group/Fellowship - Group Shoot

F.B.T. Photography is looking for a model or a make-up artist or a hair stylist to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Radlett, UK Added 1523893282.

This casting is closed.

Hello to anyone reading this casting, 

Having been away from Photography for the last few months, I am now looking to get back in to it, in a new way. Working in the film industry, I have access to a number of different props, costumes, etc. that would suit the more fantasy style of Genre (think Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Game of Thrones, etc.), that I would love to incorporate in to a shoot. 

My idea is to get a group of people together to do a Fantasy group photoshoot, sort of like a party in Dungeons and Dragons, the Fellowship from the Lord of the Rings, etc. (Some visual examples: ) 

Along with this, I would also like to get together some people to play as the 'Bad Guys', or basically enemies so that we can add in some fun action shots too. 

PLEASE NOTE: that all the prop weapons are made of latex/foam and are LARP weapons, meaning that they are fairly harmless. 

In order to do this, I am looking for the following:

Make-up Artists and Hair Stylist
Who can do the models hair and makeup of course. Once I have more of an idea of the different parts people are looking to play, then I can provide more information about the sort of makeup required.

Models to play the Heroes
Just as the name suggests you will be the Heroes in the Fantasy party/group. In order to do this, we'll need the following: (Please note, that all rolls can be fulfilled by Male or Female Models).

  1. The Shield Warrior - Effectively a character that can take a beating in a fight, big and strong, often wearing lots of armour, will likely be someone tall and strong looking, looks like they could take a punch and give one back. - Picture examples:
  2. The Mage - The Mage is the wife person within the party, often the person of reason. A lot of people will naturally think of a more Gandalf or Dumbledore look for a mage, however a mage can be of any age. Role would likely be best played by someone of a slimmer build, mages are weaker physically but stronger mentally, this role would be best filled by someone who can look wise and all together under stress - Picture Examples:
  3. The Rogue - The Rogue can be many things, some are sneaky, some are seductive, others play as fools or cowards. Typically a Rogue is a master of trickery, and can often be the source of humour in a party. Most will use twin daggers, though some might use other weapons too. A Rogue will also often use traps and poison to defeat enemies. This is the sort of role that people with lots of personality can play, and a role that you can take in lots of different ways and make your own. - Picture Examples -
  4. The Archer - Another rather versatile role, the Archer can be a lot of different things. Typically people associate Archers with characters like Legolas in the Lord of the Rings, or Tauriel in the Hobbit. Archers can be of any fantasy race, and can have lots of different motivations. Typically Archers fight from the back or up high. This role is likely best suited for someone rather athletic. Picture Examples -
  5. The Bard - Bards are story tellers, musicians and entertainers, seeking adventure, the Bard will often set out with a Hero/Heroes, and write down the tales of the Heroes heroism, creating songs, ballads, tales, etc. for people to enjoy. Bards are often happy and joyous people, aiming to raise the spirits of their friends, allies and those around them. Their greatest weapon is their voice. - Picture Examples:

The roles above are examples of the sort of role you might wish to play. Please take a look here: to see some other examples of roles you could play. PLEASE NOTE: That we can have more than one of each role.

Models to play the Bad Guys

The bad guys are more so extras in this shoot, you'd be playing as characters for the Heroes to defeat, fight, etc. 
For the shoot the Bad guys are a ragtag group of Bandits, of various races (though likely mainly human.) 
Their clothing, weaponry, etc. is all stuff that they have found, stolen or made themselves. 

Example images:


Payment - The shoot is Trade for Pay, there will however be food and drink available, at the shoot and makeup artists will be reimbursed for makeup costs. 

Location - The shoot will be in Radlett, which is a small village in Hertfordshire, nearby to St. Albans and Watford. It will be a woodland location.

Date - Will be decided once I have gotten everyone together. It is most likely to happen around June or July however.

Props Weapons - The Weapons used are LARP Weapons, which are made of form and latex, they can't cut/harm you, etc. 

Costumes - While there are some costume and armour, available, if you have anything yourself that you feel might fit with a Medieval Fantasy look, then please do share it. If needed extra bits can be bought however.

Any other questions - Please feel free to send me a message with any questions, concerns, etc.

F.B.T. PhotographyPhotographer

I am a hobbyist photographer and have around a year experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in London, UK. Map