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Travelling North... any takers to shoot me when I pass Durham/Newcastle? Confident, flexible and experienced nude model & makeupartist.

Keira Lavelle is looking to be paid by a photographer or a studio or a artist/painter for this casting. Added 1521557138.

This casting is based around...
Darlington, UK which is Get directions
Durham, UK which is Get directions
Middlesbrough, UK which is Get directions
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK which is Get directions
Sunderland, UK which is Get directions

This casting has expired.


I'm a touch on the hyper side because I just got my delivery of herbal tea through the post... Those who've shot with me before will understand. :P But if you like herbal tea, I bring about a million different varieties with me everywhere I go... I'm happy to share! ;) If you don't like herbal tea: MORE FOR ME! But I also make a rather good "normal" cuppa too and certainly not afraid to do my fair share of tea duties. I'm helpful like that! :D

Okay, that's enough pointless nattering as you're probably hoping to find some useful information somewhere in this pile of words thrown together with love by a very creative tea junkie... ahem, model! :) So here's the story...

Once upon a time, a little Duracell Bunny/shape-shifting nymph made a grand plan to tour Scotland. Then one day as she was about to go and buy her train tickets, she thought: "ooh, perhaps I can call off in NorthEast England on the way up! This would not only break my journey up, but it would give the lovely photographers of Newcastle and nearby the opportunity to book me for a much lesser rate because they wouldn't be paying travel on top of my rates... Plus the fact I will have a lot of exciting shoot items with me so there will be huge scope to get stunning quality images and style variety!"

So she popped a message in a bottle, and threw it with all her strength in the direction of the NorthEast... It landed at the bottom of her garden. But then a kind buzzard flew down and offered to deliver the message as he was flying that way anyway because he fancied a nest with more of sea view. The end. <3

Okay, so you're now either going to be thinking "what a bloody nutter, run a mile!" OR "she actually sounds like quite a down-to-earth/doesn't take herself too seriously person to work with for a few hours or so!" ...I hope it's more the latter, but feel free to book also if you're curious to find out if I'm actually that crackers to work with! :P Or you can just look at my portfolio of work here on PurplePort and if you're taken by the creative variety that I try and portray as a model/makeup artist/actress then please don't hesitate to drop me a message. :)

*Artistic nude, lingerie, portraiture, body-scapes, lifestyle, glamour, creative beauty, fashion, erotic are all styles I can pull off with diverse posing ability very competently.

*My physique is slim but toned and curvy at the same time, distinct bone structure with porcelain skin (no tattoos) and my look is girl-next-door with big eyes, long hair.

*My posing skill reflects my experience, I am VERY bendy-bodied for dramatic shape-making and able to deliver diverse facial expressions to match the set/image/brief.

*I am always extremely enthused to take a brief on board and make it happen with every ounce of modelling energy, but I also have bags of ideas at all times to help where welcome.

If I do get the opportunity to call into Newcastle on my way to Edinburgh, I would be predominantly looking to fill Saturday the 24th (this weekend) and then possibly the 23rd as an overflow if necessary. Please let me know upon enquiring what your preferred duration tends to be because this enables me to plan things quickly and coordinate my travels, thank you so much in advance. :) You can see my rates below as per booking duration:

£40 per hour (2-3 hours)
£150 (4 hours/half day)
£250 (8 hours/full day)

P.S. I'm only 51% bonkers, but very easy to work with. <3 :D Professional and amateur photographers welcome to enquire.

Keira x


I'm a 30yr old Female, full time model and have more than 10 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. Map