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Do your studio day in Exeter in Spring

Studio f/11 (In abeyance) is looking to be paid by a photographer or a model for this casting. It's based around 6 Homefield Rd, Exeter EX1 2QS, UK Added 1519841641.

This casting has expired.

The studio is sizeable, complex and well-worked.  It is in a population centre and easily accessible by public and private transport.

We have a reputation, I'd say deserved, for making models comfortable.

Book us, or share risk with us, for a studio day.  Weekdays easily available, weekends filling up.

Photographers: make a group, book us, book a couple of models, make an evening or a day of it.

Come and have a look at the studio, try out our rooms and sets and see how they fit.

I'm @MidgePhoto

The building plan is this: - quite a lot of space.

The model room has plenty of floor space

And we have

and   this

and a few more spaces and props to hand.

There's a group for announcements and images, you can see some of the work that's been done here and chat 




The studio has been open for more than 5 years.

I'm based in Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom. Map