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Belgium (Flying visit!) Only possible date left to shoot an athletic bodycsape and beauty model flying from the UK to begin a European tour.

Keira Lavelle is looking to be paid by a photographer or a studio for this casting. Added 1509482616.

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Evening guys!

A quick call out (very similar to my recent Netherlands casting) but I realised since the one stop I am making in Belgium on this tour is only a very brief one, it might be quite nice to fly into Belgium and give more local photographers the opportunity to book me as I've not really advertised much that I'm coming.

So basically, I still have a tiny amount of flexibility: what I do with every tour (national or international) is try and book the first and last journey legs of the trip last to give any last photographer enquiries the opportunity to get booked in if I can squeeze in the time on my side. I have done it so many times before where I have literally had travel tickets go to waste because I've added extra days on my trip. :P

So, the date I am primarily looking at is Friday the 17th of November. Please let me know upon messaging how long a shoot you would be interested in based on my rates (listed at the bottom of my casting) because this will help me quickly work out my travelling times/requirements too. If I get a crazy gush of interest, I will consider coming out a day or so earlier... but the focus is the Friday initially so please bear that in mind as a primary set-date.

A few important things naturally any photographer needs to know when booking a professional model:

*Look - Toned physique, good proportions, porcelain/English Rose skin, long healthy blonde hair (no extensions), girl-next-door/striking face features, all natural (no tattoos/implants).

*Posing ability - Bendy bodied/very flexible to contort, actress abilities to tell a story in-pose, extremely varied facial expressions for narrative.

*Levels/styles - Body confident with frontal nude/creating bold shapes (non-explicit), specialised in artistic nude/bodyscapes, happy shooting glamour/erotic, ideal look for beauty/portraiture.

*Wardrobe - Maximum number of items brought for modelling purposes, sheer/pretty lingerie sets, artistic numbers, custom-made body jewellery to add something totally unique.

*Etiquette - The natural personality to be hard working/reliable and make every project succeed with celebration. Focussed on the job in hand but extremely friendly/easy to approach.

I am extremely passionate about my work, take a pick out of any of the photographers who I have worked with and they will confirm that I always bring with me to a shoot a positive and enthusiastic attitude. :) I am happy to work with full-time photographers or complete beginners.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch, it relies on your keenness to book for me to make this visit and the sooner we can confirm details the better. :)

Rates information:

4 hours/half day = 220 euros
8 hours/full day = 350 euros

All the very best!




I'm a 29yr old Female, full time model and have more than 10 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. Map