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Isle Of Man... Could this be Keira's first visit? Style-hungry for fashion or rocking the shapes with nude. Let's smash it!

Keira Lavelle is looking to be paid by a photographer or a studio or a artist/painter for this casting. Added 1500820616.

This casting is based around...
Ballure IM8 3AR, Isle of Man which is Get directions
Castletown, Isle of Man which is Get directions
Douglas, Isle of Man which is Get directions
Isle of Man which is Get directions
Peel, Isle of Man which is Get directions

This casting has expired.

Keira's flying forth to Ireland, do I stop off on the way? :D

In the midst of planning a tour of Ireland/Northern Ireland it has occurred that I may be able to visit the Isle Of Man om my route across the pond and spend a day or two (shoot depending) working with as many lovely photographers on the island as possible. This energised Keira-pixie has not yet ventured to this neck of the woods before So if you're a keen amateur/take photos professionally and fancy working with an adaptable, athletic pro model whilst she has the opportunity to come right to your doorstep, do get in touch creative friends! :D

As with any tour/mini-tour, it benefits more to get arrangements nailed sooner rather than later because I am constantly working to pre-book travel tickets/arrange accommodation etc. so please express your interest soon then the easier it will be for me to coordinate my travels as I aim to get around as many cities/town as possible and would hate to miss someone out. It kills me when I have to miss out on the chance to fit someone into my tour schedule because my route/days were already filled because I just didn't know sooner. This job is all about meeting you fellow creatives and helping you make magic within images - message me promptly and I can promise my best will be done to fit you in.

Bring on the variety! :D

Fashion, beauty, glamour, lingerie, artistic nude, video, portraiture, bodyscapes, erotic, lifestyle, commercial... YOU name it! I thrive for the opportunity to be versatile in this job; being also a makeup artist/hair stylist means I am able to supply you with multiple artist platforms that would usually up the cost for a shoot. You're getting it all in one superb rate which means that switching from a demure/natural girl-next-door look to Avant Garde' dramatic beauty never was so easy. :) Lush curls that flow with a boudoir set or the Aphrodite look - I am here to help you achieve cracking images. Shout my way. :)

Extremely body-expressive and comfortable in m own skin - please check out my work to give you an indication of how I can pose away in all manner of shapes/contortions. As long as there are no explicit bits on show, I am very easy going. Blank canvas/no tattoos or extreme piercings and unenhanced. 

I not only push to deliver the best I can when posing: I double up as a tea-girl... I'm flexible like that! ;) Friendly chatterbox of a chameleon/shapeshifting model... what more could your viewfinder wish to frame! Fun rapport guaranteed... Hard working dedication guaranteed!

Dates: looking at as early as Thursday the 5th of October... I have a booking in Belfast on Monday the 9th so I am working back from that with a view to be in Ireland at least before the weekend is out. As with everything, it's about coordinating availability. :)

*Please first express interest by letting me know how long a shoot you would like to book and exactly where the shoot would be based. This enables me to then send you the correct rate/work out best dates in the first few messages. :)

I look forward to hearing from you,




I'm a 29yr old Female, full time model and have more than 10 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. Map